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Thread: What would the ideal diaper look like

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    Default What would the ideal diaper look like

    I've often thought about how widely diverse diapers are on the market.They are different.I think that one day diapers could be the normal for human underwear or atleast a trend embraced by a certain culture.The question is what would a fashionable diaper look like?Even if it is only in this community, I still think diapers should look good.Think about it, if someone saw you wear a diaper and thought "he looked good in that" instead of just "that's really weird".Weird plus good equals cool.Many people tell me it's cool that I wear diapers.Maybe it's just originality or maybe it's just my personality that rubs off on people.So, describe what you think a fashionable diaper would look like!

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    I think a fashionable diaper would have like single tapes on either side (that always looks real good) maybe a nice color to match your clothing of course or maybe even a nice little pattern, depends on what your wearing of course. I think that if there was a diaper fashion, it would be like a counter-culture type thing, like how cool would it be if there was a guy dressed up all punk, wearing a diaper that wen with that style. Like it was a dark red or something, with black tapes, and all these punk band names printed on them and such. Id wear that no doubt^ ^ maybe with a little silver punkish chain lol. I think its really up to the person of course, like how some clothes look good on some people, and some clothes dont, I think with diaper, its the same thing, like when i skype with diaper friends, they might sometimes say things like "Oh that diaper looks great on you" and such, thing like that, and thats my thoughts! lol

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    If diaper wearing became the norm, I imagine we would see some crazy fashion styles (like on catwalk models). That said, it would take a lot of work to make "normal" people find them attractive - I can't imagine Victoria's Secret releasing an "intimate" range...

    As for within the community, I think we are looking for something printed all over (i.e Cushies). Anything that diverts from the original medical purpose really... so all sorts of abstract colouring, logos, pictures. That said, I think I'd still stick with plain white or babyish - I don't wear fancy underwear, so I don't really want fancy diapers!

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    Cant imagine it becomeing fasionable. The taboo that diapers carry (not forbbiden, but just a general 'euch') and the fact that most people will find their function..... verrry disturbing

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    I think that if we stick together, we could be able to make it normal, just look around 30 years ago, homosexuality was seen as a mental illness. I think that it is possible to make the taboos vanish for good with hard work and determination.

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    It kinda depends on what way you wear it. If it was with pants, it would probably look like underwear. But, if it was a pantsless look (and hopefully it happens ), diapers would probably be one to two taped and either look like jeans or have T-shirt-like designs. For guys they would probably have video game and Tv characters, stripes and solid colors, and other designs like shorts. Girls would probably have popular singers, like Bieber *ugh*, Twilight *again ugh*, Tv and video game characters, and skirt diapers(diapers with ruffles on front and back). It would be odd if diapers did become popular. I can't really picture hot topic, hollister, aeropostale, or abercrombie and fitch selling diapers, but we can dream .

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    I think we should just stop talking about it becoming fashionable and just describe what you think a cool diaper would look like!

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    i need diapers medically but i will sometimes use them "for fun" and even when i just need them i enjoy patterns or a babyish style. i dont know why but i feel more soothed with the babyish style...

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    Don't know much about fashion, but white is not the best color. Why do large diapers get to be blue while medium is stuck with white, who came up with that? Fashion diapers do exist, they are depend colors. Depend sucks, but at least they have a colorful version of their worthless pull ups. I want to see more vivid colors and characters would be cool. Mens underwear has recently been getting themed with family guy, elmo, smurfs, batman, and other more masculin characters so maybe there is hope for childish prints in adult products. Just as soon as diapers get more popular (not likely, but goodnites and asian travel trends are a good start) and neoconservativism starts to retreat from public life again then bam! we have fashion diapers.

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    It'd be nice if they had really bright pattern abstract things like stripes, polkadots, diamonds.

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