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Thread: why do you wear diapers?

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    Default why do you wear diapers?

    well, i think that because my parents divorced when i was 4 and i had a terrible leg breaking accident two years later, i just never got to be a true little boy. ;( I still can't be, because the leg. I hate it. So, I think i like it because i want to go back and change that part of my life. I want to re-live it the right way. Plus, I just LOVE the feel of them wet :P
    Why do you wear diapers?

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    Hard to say really, but I've been attracted to them since I was young. They feel really good when I wear them, and they comfort and relax me some how when sleeping.

    That's honestly the best explanation I can give.

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    Lol the best is the best. dont worry. :P I have been attracted to them but its one of those "i dont know why" attractions.

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    Good point, it's just one of those things you grow up liking for some reason.

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    I wear them because they give me a chance to let go of control. Too often in my life I am forced to be in control and diapers are a nice way to let go of that.

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    I don't know really, ever since
    I could remember I have always
    Been getting diapers, I would sneak into the changing area for the babies and take a diaper of two and modify them so they would fit. It makes me feel safe, and that nothing bad will happen. =)

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    I've liked diapers since I was seven or maybe earlier. I have no real idea why I like them, but I guess it's because they make me feel good. I did have some childhood issues that may have contributed to it, but I can't say for sure.

    Also, I have wet the bed and have some IC issues during the day at times. I guess it's a good thing I like diapers.

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    For me its an indescribable feeling that almost anyone else that i might ask wouldn't understand except the people reading my post like you!

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    I love how they feel, so nice amd comfy and soft, it feels very nice wetting them too. But really I like to wear them for comfort and it helps me regress easier. Also I drink alot of fluids so the diapers help makes things quicker for me without going to the bathroom so much. ^^;

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    Oh Ive got a pretty long story behind that really, long story short, i wore them when i was younger 24/7, over the years they just grew on me emotionally, and I came to love them lots^ ^

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