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Thread: Any opinions on the best place to buy made to order AB clothing?

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    Default Any opinions on the best place to buy made to order AB clothing?

    Hey there guys, I was looking for a little help in finding someone to bring a few of my outfit ideas to life. What I'm looking for isn't exactly what one would consider babyish, more toddler oriented, so Ebay has really thrown me through a loop. It seems everyplace I look for a pair or short-alls I'm at a loss for what exactly I'm hoping for. I just simply don't like they way most AB clothing is cut (so it's a shape issue, I'm just opposed to the short-short cut really and I wanted something modeled like cargo shorts). A cute hooded onesie would be great too, but I'm at a loss for one of those as well.

    Anyway getting to the chase, does anyone know a seamstress who works well one on one with his/her client to create the perfect garment/outfit? Thanks for reading, and any help is appreciated ~Stunner

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    I, too, would suggest Aidan & Emmy's Clothing, but make sure to check whether commissions are open or not.

    For shortalls, you can have a pair of overalls modified to your exact specifications (length, trim or not, snaps) here: STARRY IDEAS!!

    Of course, you need to supply your own overalls, but Ebay is your friend. There's also: Pointer Brand Product Catalog: High Back Overalls

    For the hoodie, there are plenty of cute ready-made hoodies, if you know where to look. I guess it also depends on your taste.
    Superhero hoodies (I have Leonardo ): T-Shirts
    Various animal themes: bunnywarez :: hoodies
    Dinosaurs!: hoodie
    And, uh, these are unique: Adult Hoodies – Mouth Man Animated Clothing and Hoodies

    And if you can catch Hannah's Pajamas while their commissions are open, they do awesome looking custom animal-themed hoodies: Userpage of hannahspajamas -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

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    I've been waiting for Big Baby Boutique to make some shortalls in my size. She hasn't been putting out very many recently, and the last pair was bid up past $200.00

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    As an aside, what would people consider a fair price for a custom made, hand made sleeper or shortalls or onesie?
    Bespoke garments can cost thousands of dollars in the wider world..
    For reference a sleeper takes about 5 hours to sew, that's without the time to purchase material, time to discuss patterns and cut, and time for fittings. (Shortalls are harder, onesies quicker)

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    I have heard privatina - individual one piece fashion is good from friends(no personal experience with them), they are quite pricey, but allegedly the quality is worth it.

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    Thanks for all the reply's guys. I absolutely love Aidan & Emmy's stuff, I've known about them for a while, but it seems they are over run with work and are still processing everything on their plate. I actually found someone that might be able to help me bring my little dreams to life . I'm just waiting on another follow up response to figure out if what I have in mind is going to be possible. Currently I'm trying to get the short-alls, but if thats gets a green light the whole way around and they turn out the way I'm hoping I may contact the same person for the hooded onesie (both of those together would make my dream cubby outfit ) I'll keep you guys posted on how things are going with this seamstress, so anyone who is considering having something special made they'll have a review to look over, or somewhere to start.

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    I have the teddy bear sleeper from Privatina, and it's lovely -- I'm wearing it right now actually! It's the comfiest sleeper ever! But it is warm -- if it was closer to summertime, I would not be wearing this. It's getting closer to the time of year when I won't be able to wear it, because I'd just be too hot.

    I also have a sleeper from Forever A Kid Adult Baby Clothing - Home Page -- her name is Marcie, she's in Canada, and she does a marvelous job, from what I've heard from others and from my own experience. She's not fast, but her work is very good, and she really tries hard to make sure that you get what you want and that it fits you.

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