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Thread: What is your comfort item

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    Default What is your comfort item

    What is your comfort item for at night/day, a diaper, Teddy bear, onesie, pacifier...etc. Then explain why.

    Mine is a diaper for the day time, makes me feel safe and cozy, and at night I like to have a soft fuzzy stuffed animal. That make me feel as if there is always someone there for me.


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    mine is my teddy bear the reason why is when i was 3 i was taken from my mom and she gave the bear to me before i was put into a foster home and now that i live with my real dad i still sleep with it and it the same feeling you get with diapers that i get with my teddy bear

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    For me, I get enough comfort from a diaper - that said, I could probably happily snuggle up to a teddy if I had any... I don't think I could explain it to housemates!

    Do you wear in the day a lot? Or just when you can?

    Btw... not really any point in signing your posts with your gender and age - suggests you are looking for a partner on here!

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    My comfort is my blankie and a pacifier. I find the blankie comforting because its soft and I can hug it. As far as the pacifier, I'm not entirely sure why - probably because I find it calming and relaxing, I guess.

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    Yeah I guess you're right, and I wear goodnites all day, and I like to wear tranquility ATN diapers at night. I don't like getting up at night in my
    House when I have to go to the bathroom because it's haunted. So that the reason I wear the thick
    More exorbant ones at night.

    When do you like to wear yours?

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    My teddy called Finn.
    Named after my boyfriend, who is a Finn.

    He got a bit dull after a coupla months, so we kitted him out in a Pampers size 6 and one of The Finn's baby tops. Now he's perfect.

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    My big stuffed frog, named froggy or my koala bear, named mr. koala. Mr. koala is very formal, hence the mr.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bri View Post
    My big stuffed frog, named froggy or my koala bear, named mr. koala. Mr. koala is very formal, hence the mr.
    I like the humor in there! =D made me laugh. Thanks =)

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