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Thread: Diaper Miles ?

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    Default Diaper Miles ?

    Well I think we've all heard of food miles, how far any particular piece of food we eat has came from wherever it was grow, caught, culled, etc.

    Well, how far have you're diapers came?

    I know alot of the world views europian diapers as being superior and imports them, here in Europe we can buy diapers that where made in America.
    I've bought pack of drynites here in the UK that where made in the USA, but I've also bought drynites in Spain that where made in the UK!

    So adisc how far away where you're diapers made, roughly, the factory address should be on the pack somewhere.

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    Here's an example, My depends pants where made in the USA, so KC's HQ is in Neenah Wyoming, roughly 3600 miles from where I stay.

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    I bought some drynites a few weeks ago. Made in the USA, exported to the UK, Imported back to the US.

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    Well I live in california, im unsure exactly where my diapers come from though, i think there is a factory in this state, but i dont even know lol

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    Hi happy nappying ty for the tip about the lidl brand nappies. i dont know how to reply to the message you sent me so i hope you dont mind me posting on here

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    LOL, I as wandering why this was dug up, have a look here if you haven't already.

    The names Dale bwt

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    It depends for me. Last time I ordered Abenas, they were shipped from Michigan, so it depends on whether Abena shipped them from California to Michigan, or if they have a separate manufacturing facility there. My overall mileage is still pretty far, as there aren't any quality diaper manufacturers in Indiana XD

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