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Thread: Ever go out in a diaper with little discrecion?

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    Default Ever go out in a diaper with little discrecion?

    For example you wear a short shirt and no underwear over the diaper. So that people can see it when you bend over and stuff. I personally find this exhilarating and well no one can say anything to you just cuz of the situation. If you have done this how far have you taken it? Like skirt in a diaper? Or spandex shorts over a diaper or what?

    Note: this is something I do on occasion.
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    If I'm being honest, I would make sure everything was covered and tucked in when wearing in public. A little bulge can be hidden/not really noticed, but I don't think it's fair to expose it obviously to the public in any way that would be noticeable...

    Plus, you also stand the risk of little children saying something - they are most likely to notice (as they will be at the nappy height) - and most likely to shout out loud too...

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    yep that is so very true with the kids. Even though I have a need to wear, I don't like showing them off at all in public. I make sure to buy my pants one size bigger as well(to hide the bulge), but the shirts are also bigger than need be(I have always hated tucking in shirts).

    Even before the need for them, I always went to great pains to hide the fact I am wearing. At home its different, since the family and all my friends know

    Even my kid who needs to wear goes to the same lengths to prevent the people who dont know from knowing

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    I AM NO EXHIBITIONIST ... and have no desire to expose my diaper in public or be humiliated, looked at in a "look at the weirdo" way... I don't think it's brave or anything like that...
    so no I would never.

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    Whilst I do like wearing in public I always make sure noone will be able to notice my diaper without trying. Part of the thrill of wearing in public comes from the fact that I know I am protected and can 'go' whenever I want to and noone else knows a thing. This would be ruined if others were to find out about me wearing diapers.

    IMHO the just-a-diaper-and-a-t-shirt scenario might be pushing it a little. I mean, it's one thing when you're incontinent and you have to wear diapers but in this case you're getting a thrill by making other people uncomfortable.

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    i love to do that all the time, people dont look under it.

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    I wear in public all the time, but I would rather keep it to myself. Not that I would care if someone found out, but I guess I'm just the type of person who would rather go through life making as few waves as possible.

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    I like the thrill as well, but its just more comfortable to not wear underwear over ur diaper. like my diaper is my underwear, why should i put another pair on top?

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    If I was in a different town, sure why not. I wouldn't flaut it, but I wouldn't go out of my way to hide it. Currently I usually wear an A-shirt and tuck it in just in case my shirt comes up. And underwear too... I just like that it helps with the sagging...
    So I would probably just not wear the A-Shirt if I were in another town..

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    I never put anything like underwear over my diaper when I go out, unless I'm wearing a onesie. If I'm wearing a onesie, that usually is also doubling as my shirt for the day, so it's usually a pretty childish print.

    If I'm wearing a normal shirt, though, then I'll just have my pants over the diaper. I don't wear oversized shirts, so if my shirt rides up and my diaper peeks out, oh well. That said, it would take a bit of doing for it to happen. I just dress normally, plus a diaper.

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