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Thread: Making my own diapers.

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    Default Making my own diapers.

    So I'm making my own cloth diapers. I'v already got a sewing machine and i know how to set it up and choose the stitch and tension. I've already made two diapers, the first one was a disaster the second one was much nicer but still not what i wanted. Anyway my question is, does anyone out there make their own diapers. And does anyone have any tips. Eventually i will figure it all out but i don't want to waste more money than i need to. I just want to avoid any mistakes before i make them already

    Thanks for any help

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    I once did... what I did was to download a pattern for a baby-sized cloth diapers (there's tons of website on that topic) and used some old underwear as a help with the upscaling of the pattern... worked like a charm... but I'm not into cloth diapers I had to find out.

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    I'm in about the same place, only tips I have are:
    Stay with thin layers, my first "soaker" was 2 layers terry (towel) + 2 layers cloth (flat baby diaper) takes forever to dry.
    Next design will be layers attached only to rear, and others attached only to front, so they can unfold to wash and dry.
    And yes it does seem that its going to take some practice to do a neat job.
    I'm using a pattern made from a disposable, I have kept my pattern, to modify as needed.

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    Actually I was going to do the same thing myself, making an ab cloth diaper, unfortunately, i lack the skill to sew anything really, although that does not discourage me from trying it, I saw a video on how, but it was for an actual baby, so really all Id need to do is get some skills and scale it up a bit...although i still have no clue, cause i want to make one that is really thick and fits me nice, im really skinny and would definitely like to use it especially for nightime hehe ^////^ So yeah, sorry if my post is a total waste, but yeah, id like to have some advice too lol.

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    Were I to try and tell you, its the blind leading the blind. Go to the sites for sewing baby diapers, plenty of videos and guides. Be discrete, obviously we would not be welcome there. Use the best fitting disposable you have as a pattern, save that pattern, so you can use it to adjust for proper fit. Then I guess it comes down to practice, and learn from your mistakes. If I ever get something I'm happy with I will post photos and instructions. It would appear that will be a ways down the road. Then again they don't have to be pretty to work. good luck

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    Depends... Try doing prefolds first before the more complicated stuff. Prefolds just measure and cut a few rectangles stack them on top of eachother then sew the edges together for a crude prefold. Works but looks very simple.

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    Check out this thread:

    Despite the thread title, I just posted earlier today on my most recent success with making my own cloth diapers.

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    The advice about keeping it thin for drying purposes is spot on. An adult sized 'nine-ply' or similar can take a very long time. All mine are single ply, just like the 60's baby style only a LOT bigger.
    3 yards of fabric each but they fold to fit anyone. Send a PM if you'd like to know more.

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    Well, thanks guys!
    the thin advice really makes sense.
    I'll make sure to try it next time
    Now what i'm wondering is about sizing. how can i make sure that i will have the right amount of material in the right place.

    Thanks for any help. Keep those suggestions rolling in!

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