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    Hi, everyone I am a mid twenties ABDL living out on the west coast after growing up in the midwest. I am a huge sports fan and love meeting new people so if you want to chat sports, diaper, or anything in between drop me a line sometime!

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    Welcome to the site! I don't really do sports other than football, but like, I'm an at home Tennessee Titans cheerleader for life and stuff. I get pretty into it, which always confuses other people since I'm rather girly in like every other way.

    Other than sports though, do you have any other prominent interests? Or is sports something you dedicate so much fandom too that you don't have time for other fandoms?

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    In general I like doing outdoors stuff as well, whether it be hiking, boating, or just hanging by the pool with friends. Conversely I am also a little into video games as well, mostly sports games and ufc (yeah repetitive I know), and the occasional mafia type games.

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    Teehee, I love that you are are outdoorsy and a sports fan and into sports games and etc. but still rock the giggle. It's super epic. I really wish I could relate though, but I'm into the super nerdy video games and I haven't really enjoyed Madden even since the PlayStation (Original) days. I was into them when I was young though, and games were more 16-bit.

    I bet you are super fit and all though, which is also pretty epic. I need to get surrounded by friends who will force me to hike, boat, and stuff and stop being such a priss. Getting chubby.

    Enough about me! I hope you stick around, get to know everyone and continue to be epic around the boards.

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    Hey twinsfan, welcome! I'm not a big sports fan irl - I watch the occasional big football/soccer match!

    Though, I can relate to you on gaming - I play FIFA, some tennis games, I like wwe/ufc/boxing too! Also, I love any crime based games - GTA/Mafia etc!

    Hope you make some awesome new friends here!

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    Hey thanks for the kind welcomes from you guys, hope to meet more great people like you guys on this board!!

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