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    Question quick question

    I have read around and it says some insurance places can pay for expenses for being incontinent (ex diapers). Is this true?
    And if yes, how did you set it up?
    and Where do you buy your products from?
    Ive read, and it seems difficult for me to comprehend what all you have to do. I just want to know how its done, I don't wanna do it.

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    I'm not too sure, but I do believe it would consist of:

    1. Going to doctor.
    2. Having tests run to determine situation/type of incontinence.
    3. Working with insurance.

    I am not so sure of which insurance companies will pay for incontinence care products. I understand that insurance companies want to keep their money, and wouldn't do this unless it was utterly necessary.

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    yeah thats what i thought but like i want to know what people do to do it. while i greatly appreciate your help, i want to know from someone who actually does it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dannor View Post
    yeah thats what i thought but like i want to know what people do to do it. while i greatly appreciate your help, i want to know from someone who actually does it.
    You could call your insurance company to ask how they deal with it, specifically. I can guarantee they'll want some form of confirmation from a medical professional.

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    lol okay. i read something on it but i didnt know like how they actually would do it. Thanks for the help

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    my insurance company requested I get a certified letter from my doctor stating that I needed the supplies. I never even considered going through my insurance company when I first had the accident, I simply was talking to my doctor during a visit once and mentioned how I get my supplies and he told me to go through the insurance. He told me to call the insurance company I have, and they will call him more than likely, and if not, he will write a certified letter for me and he will mail it to me, which he did.

    I called the insurance company, and they called him(like he said they would) and they asked for written proof which I had(thanks to the certified letter) and then they asked me where I get the products from and ever since, I have never had any issues.

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    wait, mikeysmith, do they pay for them it in full or just partly? and who is your insurance provider? (you dont have to answer that if you dont want to.)

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    Mine all started with a failed back op (4th) I never had a prob untill they messed it up somehow. So Comp Ins will pay till problem gos away,Likely not going to happen, since its been years since surgery. Judge made the ruling that it was a covered surgery, so everything that was involed will be covered.

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    My insurance has denied my claim for diapers but are willing to pay for catheters and all kinds of other incontinent items.
    I am going to have to write a letter basically fighting my insurance company and try to prove to them that this is needed in order for me to continue working and living a quality of life that I can. Each insurance company is different so the only thing you can do is talk to them and see where they stand.

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    Let me say this; i am not incontinent. it seems like people think i am. well, im not. :P I Have Health Choice. (insurance)

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