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Thread: how much do you think about your tb/dl/babyfur side???

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    Default how much do you think about your tb/dl/babyfur side???

    all the time(i obsess over it too much!!!).
    most of the time
    half the time
    very little
    perfer not to answer.

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    Okay.. I don't consider myself a TB at all. Might sound strange, but a human mindset when it comes to changing, roleplaying and cuddling is a downright turn-off for me. That's what the furry mindset is for. ;-)

    DL? Every day.

    Being a furry... every waking second!

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    I can't really say I spend every awake second of the day thinking about my baby side, I'm a grown up after all :P. Seriously though, we're all mature enough to think of more serious factors in our lives, don't you think.

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    Speaking about my DL side (I'm not a furry nor I consider myself an AB) I voted "half the time".

    When I'm in situations that involve interacting with other people it's something I tend to avoid thinking about, while it tends to come out when I have time to be by myself, or when I haven't been letting it out for too long.

    I've also been experiencing a little side effect of being part of a community like this. Does it ever happen to you, when you're busy with your daily schedule, to suddenly think to other DLs? I mean... to what they could be doing in that same moment, or that some of them may be in diapers while you're not... ths may sound quite odd but it sometimes happens to me.

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    i voted "sometimes." it comes into my head most days, if only beause i visit this forum most days. although i do sometimes go for days and days without giving it any serious thought, if i'm preoccupied with other matters. and sometimes i think about it almost constantly, if i'm spending a lot of time padded, for example.

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    I voted for sometimes too, because I only think about it once in a while.

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    yea sometimes you realy dont think about it till your alone. so.........

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    I voted 'perfer not to answer' because prefer was spelled wrong.

    I think about it sometimes.

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    I think about it a ton. My multitasking brain always has one of these things somewhere that I'm aware of it.

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