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    Tomorrow I will be going out to meet some online friends but at the same time I feel nervous about it. Not only am I such because it will be seeing people I've never met before, It'll also be the farthest away from home and the longest time out I've had sense going diapered 24/7 and unsure on best way to prepare.

    I know I'll be out from morning to at lest the evening and because of that I'm taking a diaper bag and will have 3 spear in it but I can't help but wonder if it's overkill or not. On one hand I know at home or around places I know well I wouldn't heed to use close many at all. While a friend of mine that will be there as well knows of my health issues I'll still of course want to avoid giving an example of it. At the same time though I know nerves can sometimes play me up and the fact that I don't really know where I'm going or how long I'll be there. Maybe it's overkill but also it could be being safe not sorry.

    If anyone has some advice on what to do or even a story as to something that happened themselves that would be helpful. I know some could think I'm asking more an incontinence related question but I want it to be a much more open question then that and have more then just that take on it. After all, the only wrong thing to do on ether side would be not prepare.

    One point to make out though, With all the extra stuff needed for such a day, what I'm using as a diaper bag hasn't had such a nice smell to it like this for a very long time so at lest no worries there!

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    Having a diaper bag with a few spares in it is always a good idea when you're going out.

    As for the rest, if you're meeting these people IRL for the first time, when it comes time to change, just excuse yourself and take your bag with you. If they ask, just say you needed a change. If you have legitimate need to change, then you have legitimate need to change, and I'd say dealing with any flair-ups or issues would be far better than fretting over whether you can sneak away for a change or whatever.

    Have fun!

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    From what I understand, you are IC - so there shouldn't be any embarrassment from having to excuse yourself to change - as long as you don't have an ABU in the bag! I'm afraid I'm not sure of any other advice you might be looking for from the OP though...

    Congrats on making a nice smelling bag though, silver lining and all that!

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