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    Not sure if this is the right forum for this, but at 1:30 AM tonight I bored a plane and Leave my home in Nevada for good. This is the first time I've left the nest on my own so naturally I'm scared. But I think I'll do good.

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    Leaving the nest is scary as hell for the first few weeks, then you get so used to being an adult that it is tough to go back home again!

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    Where are you going? Off to college or something?
    it's good to go out on your own..hmm, okay wandering into south central LA alone at nighttime probably isn't the smartest idea, but you get the idea. Flying is a bore, though. More so when you're on your own. Bring a good book and headphones with something loud

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    Where are you going though? on vacation? Visiting relatives? Visiting friends? Running away?

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    depending on the college don't forget to bring the important things or have the money to buy them when you arrive, things like a can opener and some food to start off if move in day the college doesn't serve food that day. remember Raman is cheap and easy to cook and store. overall just remember college is about learning but remember to have some fun and make friends along the way.

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    Yay I survived the move. Now just to make it last. LOL.

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