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    Anyone you know might be into diapers or AB stuuf? There is this girl in my class, that i kinnda like and i know her sorta well. I have this tiny suspision that she MIGHT like TB/DL stuff, why you might ask. When she was like 7 her dad died and i thought that mabey with a loss of a father at a young age that she might enjoy TB/DL stuff, to regress back to the times of when her dad was still alive, I have heard on the internet of cases like that. Has anyone suspected something like this of someone they know???

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    I don't know anyone that does that but that is one of the reasons I regress.

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    i have a friend that i uberly expect to be a tb/dl or have a homelife unlike any other.

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    That's kind of stretching it...I think that you have some wishful thinking and suspecting rather than just suspecting

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    I knew this girl that wet the bed when I was like seven and I think she still may and I know my cousin Erin still wets the bed and has the occasional daytime accident and she is 14 I think

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    baby kiffer


    I suspect that I'll be surprised when I finally meet another TB/DL in my life.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shodai View Post
    I wonder why it's always girls people suspect of being *Bs.
    Girls are the ones that can act childish without anyone noticing they're being childish, that's how girls are. If you're paranoid and desperately looking for an ABDL lifepartner, you might confuse the nature of girls with them being an AB, that's as far as I can explain it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shodai View Post
    I wonder why it's always girls people suspect of being *Bs.
    Hope maybe?

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    Speaking as a 'Guy' I think that it is just blind hope!

    More women that have any incontinence problems will simply wear a bigger pad that was designed for periods than actually admit that they have a problem.


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