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    Hey, I'm a new member to the site. I joined to meet with other DLs like me out there. I don't know too much about this stuff, and wanted to learn. Thanks for letting me come here!

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    I don't know too much about this stuff, and wanted to learn.
    What do you have in mind? I mean, how can we be of help? I know it's hard to know exactly what you don't know in a way to make asking easy... Don't be shy, maybe what you want to know will tell us a bit about you, shine a light into your soul.

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    Well I've been wearing diapers for years now without needing them, and I didn't know what a DL was, so I thought I was just like mentally insane. When I learned about this, I realized quickly that I am one, and joined this site. But I'm honestly a little afraid of what the future entails. What happens in college when I don't want anyone to find out, or after that even? Is it okay to wear them at work or is that too risky, et cetera. Basically, I only know that I'm not crazy for still wanting to wear diapers, yet everything else about this topic is foreign to me.... It's not like I have any friends of mine going through the same stuff as me locally, and I don't know who to tell to help.

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    I'd recommend you lurk and read through a lot of the forum posts to get the best advice. However, I'll give it a go here!

    In college, you will need a good hiding place. I think you'll get freedom from your own postal box, so you can get stuff delivered yourself. However, odds are you'll have a roommate right? If so, I'm not entirely sure the best approach - I guess, either tell them you have to wear medically (as you're only a DL it'll be a little easier to pull off indulgence)... or you get some ordered, and try to organise fun around their absence?

    As for wearing at work, there are some of us here that do (outside of medical reasons). I would consider wearing to work a no no myself - as I'd be really distracted from the whole comfort thing, plus getting worried that someone would catch me wearing! Again, unless you commit to medical reasons, you'd have to do it in secret etc. Personally, I don't see that wearing to work has any advantage unless you try to make yourself lose 24/7 control...

    You've correctly identified that there's noting *wrong* with wearing diapers - it's not normal, but it is perfectly acceptable! You'll find very few of us have any friends from our hometown on here - but you'll be able to make plenty of online friends here if you want to!

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    Whoa, thanks for all the great advice. For the college situation, I guess I'll have to figure that out when I show up. But at least now I know what to do rather than go into it blindly. Yeah, I'll try to steer clear from the work thing. I tried it a couple times and decided I was being too unproductive... Thanks again for all the help, this was hard for me to accept, and I feel very welcome!

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