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Thread: gay marriage

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    Default gay marriage

    Month ago, In Italy, started a political discussion about gay marriage.
    Right wing was against while Left wing was tend to agree, but Although left wing was at the government (due to external pressures), nothing happened.

    not only gay marriage isn't allowed, but also gay couple aren't recognized by the state, so they can't receive some privileges given to married couple (for example financial aid).

    The question is: why?

    why people of the same sex can not marry even if they love? what's the problem?

    being gay isn't a disease, so why deprive them of this right?
    Fear? Hate?

    I dont' understand.

    What's your opinion?

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    I don't think (at least from the perspective I have now) that I would ever want to get married - BUT I can't see what the big deal with gay marriage is. There are some religions that are accepting gay marriages and willing to perform them, so why is there such a crusade from politicians to outright BAN it? It's one thing to force a pastor or someone to marry a couple they don't want to, I don't think someone should be forced to. But there are plenty out there willing to perform gay marriages, and as society evolves, we see more and more open minded people. It just seems that, as we see more and more open minded people, the close minded extremists get louder and more powerful

    All I can say is, give it time. Throughout history, people have fought change, and lost You can't fight progress.

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    Women didn't have power before the 70s, Aboriginals couldn't vote until the 60s and Gay's couldn't marry until I'm guessing... the 10's. I don't think it will last until the roaring 20's.

    I personally (straight) don't care for being married. I know a women who has been engaged for 16 years now but hasn't felt a need to marry because they already know they love eachother. It's really only for the benefits from the state that gay's will benefit ... and for the equality and being seen as the same as straight couples.

    Weird thing is, in Australia gay marriage isn't allowed, but I'm pretty sure gay adoption is. Isn't a kid more a show of love then marriage yet it's allowed? Maybe because marriage came from the church. (Correct me if I'm wrong Kraiden but I think there's been one gay couple adopt)

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    I come from the progressive country Canada, where gay marriage is allowed. In fact just last autumn one of our MPs (Minister of Parliament) was married (in a private ceremony...much in the way of Hollywood celebs, and yes it made it to the news) to another man right here in Nova Scotia. The big deal wasn't that it was a gay marriage (since it most certainly wasn't the first, nor the last), but that it was a political figure being married.

    As our former Prime Minister, Jean Chrétien, is quoted as having said: "Why shouldn't they marry and be miserable like the rest of us?"

    And way back in 1967 Pierre Elliott Trudeau (another former PM) "the state has no place in the bedrooms of the nation"

    Interesting that both of those PMs were Roman Catholic, eh?

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    Gay marriage is legal here too, well it's a 'civil partnership'.

    I'm all for people being religious, just as long as it doesn't affect other people. I saw this programme on TV, it was one of those religious programmes they have to show by law, I was about to switch it over but it had this really angry, annoying women ranting about gays.
    It was really funny, the other people on the show were disagreeing with her and she just wasn't having it. She was so stuck up too, and had a posh accent, and talked about gays like they were some kind of under-species... It was funny...

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    My position on gay marriage hasn't change. For all I care, anyone can marry anyone else as long as it's purely a commitment to stay loyal to one another and to spend their life together.
    I do, however, have a problem with giving same-sex marriages certain tax breaks or social benefits that are aimed at familes with children. Since we have rather strict adoption laws and I sincerely doubt that a gay couple could adopt a child that is not the natural child of one of the partners, there's not much of a point in giving gay couples a tax break. Other than that, they can have all the government-granted benefits coming with marriage.
    But then, I also think that some tax benefits meant for families should not be given to heterosexual couples without kids.


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    I don't have a problem with gay marriage. If it makes you happy, and you love each other, then all that should matter..

    Also, why is that when two woman date each other, it's referred as "hot", but when two men date each other, it's "gross". Sounds to me like the world still had some growing up to do. Really, if you don't like the thought of them having sex, just IGNORE IT!

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    As I always have said, if someone wants to marry, let em, if its love its love, nothing wrong with it and it doesnt hurt anybody

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    This is one of the most confusing issues in politics to date. I find it so easy to decide this, but many politicians beleive it is 'suspicious' and 'fearful.' The answer is so easy, but the lawmakers and others are trying to 'protect marriage' so much, they corrupt the govement and law to do so. Sad.

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