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Thread: Rate Molicare Diapers

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    Default Rate Molicare Diapers

    Thinking about getting some diapers again. I was recently caught by my parents who do not approve of my "Fetish" (I more think of it as part of myself though lul) & I wanted to go and try again soon by getting some Molicares through Walmart. I'm getting my license pretty soon so hopefully I can have them sent through there. But those who have worn them I would like to know a few things about them if that's okay.

    #1 How comfortable are they?

    #2 How easy are they to put on?

    #3 How well do they work with messing and wetting? Are they super absorbent and do the tapes break?

    #4 How much do they stand out? Whenever I sat down with Depends diapers on I could here a little poof come out of them and was freaked out that I would be caught by my parents. Do they make a shuffling noise when walking?

    #5 How much do they cost? Are they worth the cost in you opinion?

    I've been impressed with Molicare from the pictures I've seen but I would appreciate it if you gave me a rating of 1-10 about them so I could see what you think of them.

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    Butterfly Mage


    They are very comfortable.
    They are easy to put on.
    The Super Plus tapes don't break too easily. The Supers break VERY easily.

    The Super Plus is very thick and not very discrete. The Supers are very thin and very discrete.

    Both diapers absorb quite a bit. The thicker version obviously absorbs more. I am not fecal incontinent, so I cannot evaluate on that topic.

    They are pretty expensive -- about $1.50/ea versus 0.60/ea for Attends (I have no idea what Depends cost). If you are incontinent and you are in a situation where you can't change for a while, Molicare diapers do a great job. Attends is more cost effective for day-to-day moderate incontinence where one has ready access to places where one can change one's diaper.

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    I use molicare Super Plus most of the time...

    They are great!

    Absorb well and are worth the price if you can't get a change in easily...

    I also have been trying 27/7 lately and I compare them about the same...Except 24/7 seem to be thinner and expand more (More SAP) than the Molicare Super Plus

    I'd say they are a 10 I get mine from Wal-Mart on-line...

    Not sure that Molicare Super Plus are very discrete but that would depend on what your wearing more than anything else...


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    Quote Originally Posted by Paxaman0 View Post
    #1 How comfortable are they?

    #2 How easy are they to put on?

    #3 How well do they work with messing and wetting? Are they super absorbent and do the tapes break?

    #4 How much do they stand out? Whenever I sat down with Depends diapers on I could here a little poof come out of them and was freaked out that I would be caught by my parents. Do they make a shuffling noise when walking?

    #5 How much do they cost? Are they worth the cost in you opinion?

    #1 Very comfortable, I consider Molicare the most comfortable diaper of the ones I have tried (Abena X-Plus, Dry 24/7, Bambino, Molicare, Depend)

    #2 As easy as any other diaper(though I prefer their bigger tapes over the smaller ones usually found on diapers) .

    #3 Both wetting and messing have worked well for me, absorbancy is GREAT,I have had a couple of tapes break, but I attribute that to user error.

    #4 I can only speak for the Super Plus here, but they are pretty thick and I hear the crinkling noise when I walk(but I think that we ABDL's hear that sound much more than the average person would.)If discretion is key, you might want to look at some cloth backed diapers(like the X-Plus Air), they are a bit quieter.

    #5 XP Medical rates it at $1.36/diaper based on a case price of $75.95.

    All in all, I'd say they are a 8/10.

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    Molicares are the only premium diaper I've had experience with, and in my opinion it's a very good diaper. The only issue I really had with them is that the mediums are pretty large on me (I have a 29 inch waist) which amplifies the clumping issue that most premium diapers tend to have. I still haven't quite found a taping scheme that works well either, although that could just be a function of these being a bit too large. I'll definitely try smalls next time I have an opportunity to order some.

    I wore 27/7 for about a week using a combination of molicare super plus and depends fitted, collecting stats on both. The molicares easily held 25 ounces on average, with the highest holding 35 ounces with no leaks. The average would have been much higher except that whenever I wore one to bed it would be clumped up so badly in the morning that it required a change no matter how little it was used.

    As for discreetness, even though they aren't the thinnest diaper on the market, the soft plastic makes them quiet enough (especially if you put some underwear on over them). I've worn them out in public on lots of occasions and I don't think anyone noticed. The two main things that might give them away would be if you bend over and someone sees the top of them sticking up in the back, or if someone sees bulge in the front (they swell a bit when wet). It's nothing that loose jeans and a shirt that stays below your belt when you bend over can't cover up.

    edit, forgot to include Tl;DR version:
    1) Probably the most comfortable diaper on the market, the plastic and padding is very soft.
    2) As easy as any other diaper to put on. Easy to take off due to the tapes being like a tape on top of a tape. There's a second tape that peels off the first tape so you can unfasten it without ripping the plastic, then roll it up and tape shut to dispose.
    3) They're very absorbent and extremely good at wicking (100% of the padding will be damp after using one to its capacity)
    4) They stand out about as much as a depends would. They're thicker but quieter.
    5) The pack I got from a local medical supply store cost me 32 dollars for 14, ordering online is quite a bit cheaper (especially if you can get free shipping).
    Last edited by irnub; 13-May-2011 at 05:33. Reason: added tl;dr version

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    The padding is kinda stiff compared to other diapers and the plastic is not that good. If you don't believe me just try a sample of Molicares and then try a sample of bambinos, dry 247, euro brief or wellness briefs and you will see what i am talking about.

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    I just tried Molicares for the first time and I like them a lot.

    1. Yes , they are very comfortable, the plastic shell is softer than other diapers I have tried.

    2. They are the same as other diapers I have tried, maybe a little easier than others because they have a tape on top of a tape, it makes them easier to take off, but you can use them for readjusting if needed.

    3. They hold a good amount, three full wettings for me, but everyone is different. I haven't tried with messing, so I can't give an opinion. I have not had a tape break.

    4. I did not notice any poofing with mine. They crinkle a little bit when walking due the the plastic shell, but they do not make as much noise as other plastics. They are noticeable under the cloth shorts that I wear, they are a little bulky but not horrible.

    5. I paid $1.70 each for mine, and yes I think they are worth it.

    Over all I am very pleased with them.

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    I've been wearing Molicare Super Plus with an Abena AbriLet Maxi booster for a little over a year now. I have a 29" waist and wear mediums. I fit in the smalls but they're like wearing a diaper bikini, whereas the medium fit me like a diaper on a baby. The booster pad helps fill out the diaper so it fits much better than without, and also prevents clumping. I rated them a 9/10 - I took a point off cuz they're not white

    1. They're very comfortable - they're soft and feel like a gentle hug. Unlike thinner diapers I always know I'm wearing one.

    2. Seem to be the same as any other diaper. It took a little practice to get the booster positioned properly, and I have to do it lying down so it doesn't move around. Fortunately I'm able to change in a private room at work.

    3. Without a booster, they are really absorbent - with a booster, they're more absorbent than Dry 24x7. They have less SAP than Abenas and Dry 24x7, so they hold up to flooding much better. It's not uncommon for the entire diaper to be wet when I change. In my experience, other diapers concentrate wetness in the crotch and leak before the entire diaper is used. Not so with Molicare, with or without a booster. They handle messing just fine too. No problem with tapes breaking, and as long as I don't get powder or lotion on the diaper the tapes stick perfectly. The double-taping system actually works, in case you need to refasten them.

    4. They make a soft rustling sound when you walk or bend over. But less than other diapers, and as others have said I think we're more attuned to the sound than those around us. Without a booster, they're actually not too noticeable under the proper sized jeans or shorts. They do sag when they are wet, so you'll eventually get a mono-butt if you wet them to capacity. With a booster, they're pretty darn thick so I had to shop around for some looser fitting jeans and I also try to wear long shirts to keep that area covered.

    5. If ordering from XP Medical, the cost is $1.36/diaper. Boosters are $0.49/ea. So for me the total is $1.85 each. I use 3 to 4 a day, depending on how much coffee I drink and when I get a chance to change. The cost is absolutely worth it. For comparison, I recently ran out of Molicares and had to wear Depends plus a Pampers stuffer cuz it's all I could get locally while I was waiting for my delivery. I had to change 4 times for every one time I would change a Molicare. In addition to that being a huge hassle, it would quickly exceed what I spend on Molicares + boosters.

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