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    Hey, my names is Syrus. I'm training to be a good caretaker and still getting the hang of things. I'm a furry and sometimes a babyfur, I tend to regress sometimes. I'm a diaperfur too and love wearing them from time to time.

    I'm really shy but I'm friendly. I love music, video games, comedy, stories and plushies.

    Well that's about it for now

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    Hey, welcome to the site! Haven't heard much of training to be a good caretaker, outside of well through practice =P. Anyways, since you mentioned video games, a few (annoying >.>) questions:

    What is your favorite genre(s)?
    Any current games you are playing?
    What is your favorite game(s)?

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    Welcome! I guess Coyote took my questions about the video gaming already :P. So training to be a good caretaker? How does that work out, never heard of training before hehe. Do you have any hobbies outside of the whole *bdl community? Hope ya have fun here, Welcome again.

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    practice makes perfect; though if you weeeaaaalllyyyy want to be expert learn how to use cloth: 1 pin, 2 pins, triangle, rectancle, all the patterns for when there is no disposable handy and someone absolutely positively can't wait.

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    Thank you very much guys. Actually I just explore the outside and inside I pwactice acting for a silly story I had. I also crawl around like a doggy (done that before i knew furry) and bark and howl at the moon.

    Games? I like playing fighting games like street fighter, guilty gear and tekken. but ders some favorites like Crash and Spyro and Puzzle Bubble I like. Beat em ups like Viewtiful Joe and others.

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