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    Default hi there

    I am not a diaper fan, but am interested in aspects of the topic of infantallism.

    yes I would say that I regress, but maybe just to the age where i am not in diapers any more or something. lol

    I finger suck, and have an odd playing with wrinkles in fabric obsession.

    Otherwise I am an artist, enjoy collecting things, the usual stuff.
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    I see you selected that you're AB though.
    so you regress but without diapers, right?
    I'd love to know, sorry if the question is too abrupt/rude.
    but anyway,

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    Welcome to the site. I know that myself, am totally here if you have any questions or just things you want to run by someone.

    Though, other than just being interested in the subject, what are some other things about yourself.. such as hobbies, interests, and just plain likes and dislikes? For a curious little cuddly like myself, I must know!

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