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    Red face Hi all!

    Hey guys! im new to the sight so i figured i would make an intro for myself, I'm sure mostly forum modz read the intros and maybe a few bored members but nevertheless its nice to meet you all.

    I would rather not just disclose my name on a whim for privacy sakes but if anyone at all would like to drop me a private message or a greeting i would be glad to let you know my real name. Im from Allentown area Pennsylvania, currently attending Misericordia University to be a physical therapist. Im 18 and my first year of college is just about over, i cant wait for summer to be out so i can hang with all my friends and not have to worry about grades. Im into sports like soccer and snowboarding, and love to try new things. My favorite food is ice cream and i love seafood.

    I dont really remember how i originally began to like diapers and acting another age but i certainly happened at a young age! I used to think I was so messed up and that there couldnt be anyone else like me because i was into the weirdest things =p My curiosity eventually brought me online to search for others with the same interests/ fetishes. It was about 3 years ago that i started poking around and i still only have 1 or two friends that i can talk to about my personal life and my interests which is kind of sad. I am a straight male who is devilishly cute ;p i have blonde hair and blue eyes but im pretty sure my hair is changing color haha i didnt know it was possible but now my hair is kinda brownish. I havent really ever looked at babyfur's or whatever but am interested and hopefully i can find some online friends to talk to about this.

    Im really excited that adisc has provided a special place for me to talk with others and find out about myself. This site will be an excellent guide to help me with explaining my special interests to friends and loved ones, and hopefully even allow me to make a new friend or two =D

    Thanks allot guys to anyone who actually took the time to read my post and cares enough to send me a hello or just a little message letting me know you read my intro! luv you all...

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    Welcome to adisc! This is good place for you to talk about the support about diaper issues and as well babyfur etc and explore those areas. =) That was wonderful intro, by the way and hope you enjoy your stay on here.

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    Beautiful intro! Welcome to ADISC. I think almost all if us here know what it's like to have next to no one to talk about diaper related things. Anyways, I'd love to get to know ya. You sound like an amazing guy. Although most guys don't call themselves cute (handsome is the word) unless you mean when regressig or something like that and....ohhhh I'm babling. Again, welcome to ADISC!!!

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    lol at DJenks0002, and I would love to chat with you but im "not established" yet so i dont really know how to haha, im going to try to buzz around and drop a few posts a couple different places and hopefully we can chat in no time! And thank you to both of you on the comments. Feel free to leave comments after this post.

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    Hi Supercute. That's a supercute introduction! You'll fit in well on ADISC. We value sincere people and intellectual conversation - regarding diapers and other topics. You mentioned you are majoring in Physical Therapy. What do you have in mind when you "grow up"? And, speaking of diapers, are you able to wear at college, as in, do you have any privacy in your room? Hope to see you around the forums.

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