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Thread: What Age?

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    Default What Age?

    What age were you when you started to wet the bed and have to wear diapers for need

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    ive been wetting the bed a lil but nothing for use of a diaper...close but not to the point...but id say 14 actully!

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    Actually, I have always been a bedwetter. I really don't remember terrible problems with potty training and I was dry in the daytime OK at normal age, but I wet when I sleep. I didn't always wear diapers, especially as a child, but I do now regularly so I don't have to worry about a wet bed.

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    Except for a few brief periods mom kept me in night diapers till dry around age nine. So there was no traumatic return to night diapers for me. Quite the opposite, even back then a part of me enjoyed bedwetting and all that accompanied it.

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    Question What Age

    I was put back into night diapers at age 5-6 because of bed wetting. The wetting started after my parents divorce. I had been dry both day and night for a long time, until this traumatic event happened. I guess the divorce hit me very hard and the results for me became a nightly wet bed, soon after my dad left. Mom was sympathetic but was also concerned, so she took me to a doctor. He performed an embarrassing exam and told mom he found nothing wrong, and perhaps she should " just put him back in night diapers for awhile".One night some time later, she came into my room to help me get ready for bed. She carried a small package that was placed at the foot of the bed. I was told to get undressed and to also take off my underpants, which I always wore under my PJ's.Even at this age I was shy and did not want to take down my briefs, she insisted and then opened the package. I was shown cloth diapers and plastic panties along with pins and powder. I was reminded of what the doctor suggested and told how much more comfy I would be and that mom would have so much less work. After much arguing and many tears, I found myself in bed with diapers under my pajamas. That continued for the next few years and became special time between mom and me.

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    Well, I stopped wetting the bed at 9 years old, but I think this goes back to when I was 4.

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    I have worn diapers 24/7 since I was in my mid 20's due to nerve damage.

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    I've wet the bed since I can remember, but it slowed down around my high school graduation, and now just a few nights a week tops (usually on the weekends after some drinking or late nights studying for exams). I do continue to wear protection just in case, though.

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    Started wetting the bed two years ago at age 47 due to Diabetes. Now 24/7

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    I wet the bed until a couple weeks after I turned 16, and my parents actually thought I stopped around 13, but thats when I started wearing diapers to bed which I bought my own using my paper route money to purchase and never told them.

    As far as now, when I had the accident 4 yrs ago, been 24/7 since

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