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Thread: Best Baby Diaper

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    Hi everyone, I was wondering what do you think the best baby diaper is? I have only worn goodnites, but interested in the other brands like pampers cruisers size 7 , baby dry 6, and underjams. Or should I just stick to my huggies goodnites?

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    I suggest getting actual adult nappies. Better fit, better absorption, more comfy, doesn't look like you're wearing some weird thong, etc etc. The possibilities are endless!

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    the best baby diaper? For absobtion? None will be good. Your not a baby.
    Goodnites are for teens so they are better then any baby diaper

    Like loopy said, if your looking for a hint of practicality with diapers go for adult.

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    Both pampers diapers are good, though Babydry and a tiny bit bigger. Avoid Huggies as they run small. If you do buy them and they don't fit or whatever, they make excellent stuffers.

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    i have adult diapers, its just also fun to wear baby ones when not wetting

    Edit: After some research, it seems i got it down to pampers cruisers 7, pampers baby dry 6, and goodnites
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    The blues clues luvs size are very nice and cute. I also like the pampers cursers size 7.
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    I've always been a fan of Huggies, but what's been said is true: if you want something to use, go with the adult diapers.

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    I like my Goodnites and even Underjams, and will use them as long as possible.

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    If you're 20 as your profile says, you must be really thin! I cannot fit into Pampers size 7 and Underjams rip when I put them on. Jealous right here.

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    I haven't tried a lot, but I know that the largest "Pull-Up" fits me. And that worked pretty well.

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