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Thread: Taping up your diaper at the legs

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    Question Taping up your diaper at the legs

    My first real thread here is dealing about the use of extra tapes on your diaper. The question is: Do you use it and what are your experiences with it?

    I found out that leakage can be avoided dramatically by putting on extra tapes low at the legs. Most diapers only have 2 tapes per leg (like Tena). Those are quite high up. I use 3M blank tape to put 2 more at the legs so that the plastic is snug and tight around my legs.
    When you have bursts of leakage, then, in my situation this helps to avoid leaking. Do you use this method too? Maybe you have good tips for other methods?

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    No I don't. Because I don't wear tena's. That's the main reason, those lower tapes are just to high up to get a decent fit on me. Especially since I wear larges, they seem to keep the tapes/taping panel the same size, whilst lengthening the nappy, not the best design.

    Since I normally wear abenas I don't have this problem, the bottom tapes on them are far enough down that I can get a decent fit and hardly ever leak .

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    I actually prefer the ABU diapers that only have one tape on each side. It takes a little adjustment, but they work just fine and have a really realistic fit.

    When I've used Depends, the three tapes are more than sufficient. Abenas have also always been fine with two., no extra tapes for me.

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