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    Default Need Some Advice, Here. parents are really overprotective of me. My oldest sister Laura passed away when I was 4, tragically. On top of that, I am fresh out of therapy for major depressive disorder. Anyways...

    I understand completely why they are the way they are...but I had this urge to go out and do something they said not to the other day because I was really mad at them, and I did.

    I went out and I smoked a few cigarettes with my buddy, Mitch. Now, this wouldn't be a problem...except I liked the rush of doing something against the rules and I'm considering trying other things, like getting drunk or getting high.

    Any other adult I've asked has said "NO! DON'T EVER TRY THOSE!" But, then there are the few that tell me it's alright to gain new experiences like that and learn from the mistakes that ensue.

    I just don't know what to do.

    Advice please?

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    I am not entirely sure how old you are but I am guessing around 15-17ish?

    IMHO it is alright to "experiment" a little but you have to be very aware of the potential risks involved. Sure you can go and get high or drunk every now and then but what happens if you like doing it so much that you end up getting addicted? An addiction problem could forever change your life in a bad way.

    The fact that your parents are overprotective doesn't help you much though as then there's not only the joy from whatever it is you're doing that your parents told you not to do but there's also the element of rebellion and feeling liberated from your parents.

    So in short, thread carefully, educate yourself about possible risks with the things you do and think about whether it is truly worth it taking those risks just to defy the parental unit.

    Hope this is of some use to you.

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    Doing things against your parents desires is just growing up. It can be anything, it just happened that my revolting was freedom on going to bed and going out with friends when i wanted too. Just be careful, from the sounds of it you are/ were an unstable person and drugs and alcohol are not going to help you speed along to a healthy recovery.

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    Experimenting with drugs seems like a really bad idea[tm] while in a somewhat unstable state.

    Also, and I know this sounds like an after school special, if you want more freedom over where you go and what you do, sneaking out to do drugs is probably not the way to get it.

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    Any other adult I've asked has said "NO! DON'T EVER TRY THOSE!"
    I'd also add that I personally feel this is the critical issue with drug awareness and education. In school you are told that if you even look at a joint, your life will be ruined forever. When people find out this is not true, they assume there are no risks and go full in.

    I think in todays day of trivial access to information, drug awareness should be taught from an informative approach rather than a "scare the shit outa them" approach. There are definite risks to this kind of behavior, and people should make the decision based on real information, not FUD.
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    Thank you all.
    I think that it definitely is my decision of whether or not I want to mess up my life or have the possibility of messing up my life, but when I do choose whether or not to do these things, I think I'll keep in mind what you've said.

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    I'm old and lame at 28 but in my younger I smoked or snorted anything I could get my hands on. So I am in no position to tell anyone don't do this that or the other thing I can only really say two things.

    1. You and nobody else are responsible for the consequences of your own actions
    2. Firearms and Alcohol or Cars and Alcohol should never be mixed.

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    Altough it's true the dangers of drugs are overstated, but they are definitely there. If you want to try it, go in with the right motivation: because you're curious about it. But to me it looks like you're doing it to spite your parents, or as an affirmation of your independence or something. That's a wrong motivation. Also coming out of a depression: most drugs you can take will increase symptoms of depression, so be aware of that. You need to mentally sound to enjoy it. And even then, there is always a comedown, and there is always the risk of addiction. There's not a big chance of going wrong with it..but if it does: worst ride of your life.

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    Rebelling is natural, especially if you're parents are quite strict or over protective.

    It's true that we should learn from our mistakes, but you must not take that as an invitation to go out and make them!

    Rules not to break:
    Don't get high. You're only 15, it's a bad idea to mess with drugs at a young age.
    Don't smoke. It's addictive, and you'll really regret getting the habit when you come to trying to quit.
    Be cautious with drink. As Ajax said, don't drink and drive.

    The best thing you can do is talk to your parents about their overprotectiveness, explain that as a 15 year old you're old enough to have the leash relaxed a bit, and discuss with them which rules of theirs you feel need relaxing to enable this. The worst thing you can do is go behind their back and smoke, get caught, and then feel that leash get tighter...

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    Although I don't have first hand experience, I've seen the ways teenage rebellion can ruin the individual's life. I'm very vanilla with these things - don't smoke, do drugs, just drink alcohol... But, doing this to rebel against your parents is not a good idea. If you choose to do them out of curiosity, it's more acceptable, as long as you do so knowing the risks.

    The thing that concerns me, is with any drug, addiction is a mental state as well as a chemical one. So if you get a "rush" from rebelling against your parents, it will cause positive reinforcement in your mind - combine this with the mental state arising from doing any form of drugs and you get a very powerful mental stimulant. So it's scientifically possible that you will become addicted faster!

    That said, you might have a crazy tolerance for it all, and none of this will happen at all! I'm just saying, experiment for the *right* reasons, and be aware of the possible consequences!

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    I have to agree with some of the people up here in which rebelling against overprotective parents is just a part of growing up. Sooner or later you will realize how much your parents truly mean to you and you will be grateful as such. This happened to me specifically but concerning your situation I would just say think about what you really want to do. I will not condone any illegal activities that you could possibly do such as smoke, drink, or anything out of the ordinary because that would go against site rules and possible governmental laws and it is also kinda unnecessary if you think that this is the answer to your problems. You can try and make your urge to rebel against your parents into a positive thing but that is up to you to figure out what you can do with that. On another note congratulations with being out of therapy and I hope it has done well for you.

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