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Thread: Wall-mart goodnite samples?

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    Default Wall-mart goodnite samples?

    I havent found any threads with the information, but uuh.

    Im curious, has anyone ordered these? I should suspect that they wont be very stealthy, and will probbably say what they are all over the package, but Id like to hear about what they look like (as would other users Im sure)

    So, anyone have pictures of information about them?

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    I have ordered the samples in the past and the packaging lets who ever sees it know exactly what is in the package.

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    That much Im pretty sure of. Iím mostly just curious about the package.

    We have received mail-pranks before. <,< so this can be passed off.

    And itís addressed to: "Sender, From Receiver"

    I'm not afraid of suspicion falling on me.

    I am worried that someone will intercept it in the mail for some strange reason.

    And if THAT happens, I might have to steal the envelope out of the trash, and then I wouldnít be able to call in any other samples, TWICE is something I WONT risk.

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