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Thread: Vegetarianism and Animal Cruelty

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    Default Vegetarianism and Animal Cruelty

    Well, I just got home from school and check my Facebook to see that a friend posted one of those, "See Your Meat" animal cruelty/slaughterhouse videos. Me being the person I am, I mentally told myself, "Challenge Accepted". So I sit through the whole thing and I am utterly disgusted in myself. So from now on I'm going to become a vegetarian. I already like Boca burgers and MorningStar Chik'n nuggets. :3 So I'm off to the store to get some of those!!

    There's the video, tell me your input on the subject. I'd like to hear it. :3

    EDIT: The video is NOT for the squeamish.

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    I've seen videos like this before.

    Animals are slaughtered inhumanely at many places, yes.

    :< But I still love meat.

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    Yeah, it's typical of the PETA types really know how to pick out the worst examples of animal cruelty, and then present those examples as being how all meat is being produced. That video is sheer propaganda, and like all propaganda, it is presenting an unbalanced (and unfair) look at the meat industry.

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    I most likely will not become a vegetarian even though I hate what is shown. I personally believe that if you take a life for food that you must respect that the animal has given it's life to allow yours to flourish. And that you should make use of every part of the animal so that it was much more than just food, but like I said I probably won't go vegetarian because of people who do animal cruelty.

    Also isn't this video years old?

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    I was only able to get through the first 45 seconds before I had to turn it off, I couldn't bear to see piglets being castrated. It was horrific. I have been vegetarian for about 6 years now (although admittedly with a few slip-up months here and there) and stuff like this definitely does not make me regret my decision.

    EDIT: Curiosity got the better of me and I watched the rest; I literally cried through the whole thing. I think that was the motivation I needed to go vegan, so after I finish the milk and yoghurt in my fridge I am going to try to give up dairy products.

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    Propaganda. :P

    Yes, I watched it. And yes, they cherry picked the worst abuse cases possible. (Most of the people I know in the state of Ohio were royally pissed about those guys stabbing/kicking/hitting/stomping the cattle. And these were farmers who were irate about it.) Also, most of the cattle video for the beef segment seemed to be of 'halal' slaughter, or 'kosher' slaughter.

    There are alternatives to just becoming a vegan. For one thing, if possible, you could raise your own animals and supervise their slaughter. If that bothers you, you can also source a local farmer who raises small amounts of the animal you are interested in consuming. That's what we do. We know the people who have the animals and know how they are treated.

    Butchering is never an easy thing. To watch or to do. I knew that already.

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    I have always held a hatred for Peta, Elf, and Alf. They want and expect you to believe gross exaggerations This is for Peta. My beef with the other too is the violence they use for their cause.

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    Well, PETA is in on the abuse too. They put down hundreds of animals a year because they don't get adopted.

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    Yes, things like this are disgusting, but as others have pointed out, this is mostly propaganda. I'm all for you deciding to become a vegetarian (I can't do it....God knows how much I love meat...), but just don't decide based solely on this video. Make a small list of pros and cons in your head, wait a while, and then decide. Impulsive actions are almost never good when making a life decision such as this.

    Your friendly neighborhood Dragon Slayer,


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    Let's see if I can get though this and still be the borderline carnivore I am. :3

    Ok, I watched that video from beginning to end. It is nothing I haven't already seen, a video of cut and expertly chosen footage of some of the cruel farms. When it comes to the farms where everything is actually done humanely, PETA is no where to be found.

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