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Thread: ummmm hey all u ppl!

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    Default ummmm hey all u ppl!

    hi im pretty nevouse! i stink @ intros! but hi every1! im sallyzz and i like sports, and nachos! i also kinda want to be an adult baby or a adult baby sitter. ethier one sooo yeah!! bi!!! =)

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    Hi there Sallyzz and welcome to ADISC. I know what you mean about being nervous, I'm always nervous about my first place on a new forum, possibly a new home. Looks like you've been lurking for a couple months, so you've obviously been preparing for this for a while. It's great to finally get to know you!

    As someone who loves food, I have to say it's cool that you would post "and nachos" on your like. Oh, the gooy and lovely cheese. I love someone who appreciates food enough to make it one of the few facts they post about themselves, but please.. feel free to go into detail about what you like. This is your thread to have everyone get to know you. What kinda sports to you like? Why do you like them? What's the best toppings to put on a nacho, in your opinion? So many questions, feel free to rant on and on!

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    Hey, welcome to the site. Just to note, txt talk is against the rules (though not strictly enforced), nothing against you but just so you don't run into problems later =P. You mentioned you liked sports, what sports do you like? and do you like to play, watch, or both? Any favorite teams?

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    umm yeah! i do! i do soccer, dance, and i love plays! ok i also love nature and music.... i know weird combo rite? i like rock, pop, metal, and rap. i also like beat boxing! =) thanks for responding! i feel noticed now =)

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    oh and nachos! i love them with pretty much anything on them! just not anything gross! how about you gigglemuffinz? what type of nahos do you like? thanks for asking about nachos, its easier too start somewhere new when you've got something in commen to talk about!

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    Teehee, oh.. sometimes I just like it plain and simple. I mean, every now and then you just have to stick with the basics of cheese and chips. Other times, I'll dress it up with things like salsa, el pato, and other sorts of fun additions. I myself am also not one of those people who is too good to go to Taco Bell, and in fact I really like going there. When I have the money, I love to pick up their Volcano Nachos. I wish I knew how to make lava sauce at home! I probably like Taco Bell because it's more "texmex" or whatever they call it. Authentic Mexican tends to be less appealing to me.

    I hope nothing I like is too gross. Though, we all have different tastes. It's what makes the world a happy, round ball of individuality.

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