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Thread: Glad I found this site, hello all!

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    Talking Glad I found this site, hello all!

    Just a WestCoast DiaperFur here.

    Was surfing for sites to socialize on and found this one.
    I am recently married to my awesome wife, who knows about and supports my diapered lifestyle. We live on the Coast and Love playing WoW, MineCraft, and sometime EVE or Alpha Centauri.
    Oh, and my fursona is a White Bellied Sea Eagle

    Would love to chat and meet new people.

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    By 'meet new people' I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you meant 'meet to chat to online'. Remember: ADISC has a strict 'we're not a dating site' policy which includes casual meet-ups!

    Apart from that, it's an AWESOME intro! Do you do anything apart from computer games? How did you tell your wife? How well did she accept it?

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    Moar diaperfur? *earperks* I love the babyfurs, of course I do; but I am not one of them; are you saying you are also diaperfur but not babyfur? If so please say more about this side of yourself. I am just as happy to hear about the computer games your wife plays as her indulging you paddedwise.

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    [QUOTE=Talula;640455]By 'meet new people' I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you meant 'meet to chat to online'

    Yup, I might be interested in finding a group lunch thing eventually, but for now all im looking for is online "meeting" people.

    as far as what I do, I have been a Web-Developer for most of my life(Coldfusion/MS SQL).
    the west coast is kinda hard occupationally, so for now Im biding my time.

    Oh and the wife knew very soon after we met online.

    We met in WoW(I invited her to my guild), and then talked every night in Skype(much intellegent conversations(including quirks like diapers) ), i then left my job where i was and moved to Washington(State), we soon met in person, and the rest is history.

    ---------- Post added at 15:14 ---------- Previous post was at 15:11 ----------

    I am mostly a DL/DiaperFur not really AB/BF. Of course I have tons of stuffed animals and a footed sleeper somewhere, but that's as far as I'm interested.
    Shes the best for me *squee*

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