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Thread: Plastic Pants: Best quality and which fabric??

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    Default Plastic Pants: Best quality and which fabric??

    I am a pretty big wetter, I pretty much have the size of a horse bladder. Whenever I wet, I usually stand in the bathtub to avoid cleaning the inevitable leaks that happen as a result of my flooding. I also usually change right out as soon as I wet.

    I would like to be able to to wear diapers longer and to wet them more than once and not have to worry. Plastic pants are obviously a good choice to ensure no leaks happen.

    I'm looking for the best quality, I see that Babykins looks like they have good products. Anybody have any good quality plastic pants?? Also, whats are the pros and cons of vinyl, rubber, and polyester??

    Thanks in advance!!

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    Most diapers, even disposables, can handle multiple voids. Do you drink a lot of fluids? If you void a large amount of urine then you can probably hold a lot more in your bladder than most people. Anyway, on to your question. Plastic pants are typically used for cloth diapers. They really don't work well over disposables because the object of a plastic pant is not to hold back large amounts of liquid. The object is to keep a wet cloth diaper from soaking in to your clothes, furniture, floor, etc. In a disposable, if the urine gets past the disposable plastic, there is no cloth to soak up the urine. Again, if you wore a plastic pant that was so tight as to provide some sort of water-tight seal around your waist and legs, it would not be very comfortable to wear.

    As you mention, there are plastic pants (vinyl), rubber pants, polyester pants and nylon pants. The latter two are more comfortable, but not as waterproof so I would stick with either vinyl or rubber. Finding a good pant is trial and error. Everyone has a different body shape and some pants might fit well on you, but not so well on another person, who is the same height and weight. You are looking for a pant that is not loose around the waist or legs, but not too tight either. Babykins and Gary pants are good choices. Gary pants are sold on many online sites such as Fetware, Adult Cloth Diaper and Changing Times (to name just a few). I don't wear rubber pants so I really can't comment on them, except to say they can be fragile and need special washing. Another consideration is pants with a no-wick elastic. This means that the elastic is covered with vinyl so it will not weep moisture. In the end, it's not the plastic pant that will do the absorbing, it's the diaper. Several booster layers combined with a night-time cloth diaper should stave off any horse leaks.

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    pldc - plastic pants only "mildly" help to prevent leaks... usually.
    They will protect you from minor leaks - but if your diaper really badly leaks the plastic pants will just give you a tad more time.
    The most sensible thing would be better diapers and maybe a plastic pant.
    other than that - you could use stuffers (added absorbent pads...)

    don't know the US/Canadian market very well, thus I can't really recommend any.

    PU (Poly Urethane) pants are the most comfortable when it comes to long term - they're soft, quite "breathable"... but harder to find (especially well made ones)...
    pure rubber has a quite unique feel but is hard to find and is imho not so for "daytime-wear"...
    PVC Pants are the most common - but they are VERY sweaty during hot seasons...

    Also welded stuff is better than stiched stuff.. (PVC)...

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    I personally like pants made of polyurethane, they're soft, don't make any noise and breathe well so they're quite comfortable during summer times.

    That being said, I have to agree with what others above me have said about plastic pants in regards to preventing leaks. When combined with disposable diapers they're generally only useful for small leaks. If your diaper is really leaking you need to change, the best the plastic pants will do is buy you some time.

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    Thanks everybody for the help...

    I think I'm just gonna buy some better quality diapers. I'm going to pick up some super pluses, teddies and x-pluses on Friday. Hopefully that should fix the problem, if not, I will get some booster pads as everybody suggested. I'm
    not somebody who goes for the cloth diapers, and it doesn't sound like plastic pants go well with disposables, either.

    Thanks for all who responded!

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    BabyKins has terry lined plastic pants that provide a small buffer when it comes to leaks. I wear them at night to give me a better sense of leak security. So far no leaks, but I've only been using them for a week.

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    Default Plastic Pants, polyurethane

    Quote Originally Posted by R1214 View Post
    I personally like pants made of polyurethane, they're soft, don't make any noise and breathe well so they're quite comfortable during summer times.
    R1214, can you please tell us what brands you use? (website links etc.)
    For me, the best pants I found until now were the Suprima 1305 pants. They have more space at the waist and enable you to cover your diaper on your side.

    Sleeping on one side -even with a good diaper- often goes wrong and I usually wake up wet. These pants -with some shorts under them- help a lot. (indeed, you need something to spread out your wetness) I found out that they really do make a difference at night. They are made of thin PVC, and elastics are covered by this PVC as well. They are really good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adidas View Post
    R1214, can you please tell us what brands you use? (website links etc.)[...]
    I got mine from, they don't appear to be of any particular brand as far as I can tell but I am quite pleased with them. Though as I'm not a bedwetter I wouldn't know how they'd hold up when wetting while sleeping on one side. I mainly wear them during the day as a little extra protection.

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