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    Obviously I'm new to the site, I am currently a college student(Theology), but I was also in the military, a professional performer, and a software developer.

    In terms of other interests I am good at programming and handling technical issues. I love Philosophy and tend to be a thinker more than a speaker. On a side note I am a Pokemon and Naruto fan having watching pretty much every episode of both and read most of the manga for Naruto.

    I came here mostly for the stories and honestly mostly just to read than to critique but I suppose now that I'm registered and made a first post my general habit will be to slowly begin posting. So we will see how that goes.

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    Really? Theology? Cool.
    My Background is IT as well. Mostly ColdFusion and MS-SQL, Im better at the DB side though.
    I sometimes wonder what would have happened back in 97 if I had gone into Theology instead of Comp Sci.
    My Dad back then kinda talked me out of it.

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