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Thread: Thoughts for the Future.

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    Default Thoughts for the Future.

    Hello guys, just wondering, what are your thoughts about the future? To clairify, do you think it's going to better than it is now, or is it going to be more miserable than it is now? Are going to fulfill your dreams, or be in a depressing life? Are things going to stay the same, or are we heading for something world-changing?

    These are some questions I've thought up of, but you can add more than just the questions. This idea is just something that constantly bugs me, like everyday. But, I just wanna hear from your imaginations.

    As for me, the future for me lies with my faith. The whole christians will go through persecution, then we go to heavan, etc. and such. But, like I said, I wanna hear from you guys. =]

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    I think my future will be better than my current life - more money, more freedom etc. I expect I'll end up stuck in a rut at some point, but nothing out of the ordinary.

    As for the general future, I think the world is going to continue to make a lot of improvements on renewable energy sources. Additionally, I think we'll find a lot more technology entering the home and workplace.

    I must say, I feel like a Miss World contestant here... :p

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    Well, to predict the future, more often than not you have to look at the past.

    The way things are going now, we're all gonna be on desert islands surrounded by boiling water in about 20 years.

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    Butterfly Mage


    I predict the following will happen in the next 20 years:

    -- The rich will control 80%-90% of the nation's wealth.
    -- Numerous civil rights laws will be repealed.
    -- Christianity will become the "Federal" religion and the First Amendment will be redefined to protect only Christians.
    -- Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, public schools, and most social programs will be discontinued.
    -- The top tax rate for the rich will be 15%.
    -- Gasoline, bread, milk, etc will be $20 per unit.
    -- Collective bargaining will be outlawed.
    -- Child labor laws,OSHA, minimum wage, and FMLA laws will be repealed.

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    Life is what YOU make it. Overall I see more poor "the world has wronged me" types unwilling to put in the effort to create a successful life for themselves begging for more government handouts. They will tax the middle class in to the poor and then tax the rich untill there are no rich no more. Anarchy will follow Road Warrior style in 90 years or so unless a good disease leads us into a Last Chase scenario.

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    I figure it'll be about the same.

    I'm fairly happy where I am now. I figure in the coming years some stuff will improve and some stuff will worsen. And of course there will always be freak bad things that blindside you at any time... and sudden fortunes that come out of nowhere as well.

    I guess to be more specific, I figure the stuff that will improve:
    - career (promotions, raises, etc)
    - financial situation (pay of the mortgage, retirement)
    - hobbies - don't really know how to explain this one, but as I become more experienced in my hobbies, I take more pleasure from them. Good example is digital electronics. As I learn more, I can do more stuff, which is very exciting to me.

    And stuff that will worsen:
    - world situation. this isn't specific to me, I just get the feeling that he world in general is in a downward spiral. things will get better... but they are going to get worse first.
    - my industry (computers/programming) - we are at a time where we really have to decide what things like the internet mean to us as a society. Laws have to be defined and we really have to figure out issues like privacy and software rights. Problem is the wrong people are making the decisions, and are doing a very bad job at it. This is another of those "will get much worse before it improves" situations.
    - my health. I don't have any specific problems now, but people generally don't get healthier as they age.

    Obviously this is a pretty short and not too well thought out list. My point is I figure if you add all the stuff in the improves and declines column, it probably comes out even on a personal level for me. The world in general... I figure it's gonna decline through my lifetime.

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    Interessting topic!

    Have to say I think the future will pretty much suck, but I suppose i'm just feeling pessimistic.

    Fufil dreams - definitely not!

    Big change - well it's bound to be fuel and oil. Considering crude oil is almost depleated we will need to find a renewable energy source. We could also likely see a massive de-crease in things made of plastic as plastic also comes from oil, which could possibly mean an increase in wood/paper made things. I hope cars go out and we all go back to trains and horse and cart, that would be awesome...but maybe that's just me :P

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    I think the problems that we face as individuals and as a whole people will change, but they will not really be better or worse. Just different. People have been saying that the world is going to hell for litterally hundreds of years, and yes, some things do get worse, but other things get so much better. If you look back even 15 years, there was no internet. Now information can be exchanged almost instantly. People have cell phones and computers. We are well on the way to finding a cure for cancer, and AIDS does no longer mean certian death. This has all been in a short time and to think that such improvements to our lives will stop is just wrong. There will be new hardships, but they will be overcome in time as well.

    It;s the same on a personal level. I used to have a ton of free time to hang with friends and do whatever, but I was broke, I couldn't afford to eat well, and in truth I was a bit lonley and depressed. Now I have my fiance, my son, and my two dogs. Life is busy, but I can afford to support them, and feed them well. I don't have the same free time, and I wish I could see my friends more, but it's all good.

    The more things change, the more they stay the same. I don't think that as a whole, people are any more happy or unhappy then they were at any other point in history (with a few short term exeptions). Life goes on and evolves.

    And if you ever feel life your life sucks right now, just remember that you are in the 1% of people ever to be born in a day and age with anesthesia.

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    I think the world's just going to continue the way it's always had. Yes, the planet is in a bad state.. but how safe did you really think it's a crusty ball of molten rock on a rampage through space. And that's where our future is too. I'm not religious but I do think life is a precious experiment and that it is our job as humans (the top of the pile) to reach out and spread it troughout the universe. We've taken over the planet, it's becoming too small, it's time for the next step. Space is the place, people!!

    Right now, we're just at a point where a lot of old threads (religions, philosophies, civilisations) are showing their age and begin to crumble. I think you're gonna see that happen to the big monotheistic religions. It isn't a co-incidence that you see fundamentalism on the rise in christianity, judeaism and islam at the same time. But new threads are created everyday and some of them will stick around for a couple of hundred years. That's what's causing the panic among, but to be honest: i'm not feeling it. I don't think the end is near, in fact.. I don't think an end exists.

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