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Thread: Diapers :)

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    Default Diapers :)

    I'm sick of being without them. My dad handed me 80 bucks today. I am getting my cash from some other affiliate sites online, which will give me a total of 109$.
    I want to get some diapers, I am pretty sure i can get away with ordering online. My dad never checks my packages when I have something ordered. He would never clean my room for me, and he never snoops in my room, I think im good to go. I usually order computer parts so, I'll just use that as a excuse. My sister knows now, so I might incorporate her help into this somehow.
    I checked the wiki, I wanted to get a bag of 8 bambinos, but I'm not sure, I want to see what the community recommends i do first, as this is my first diaper purchase.

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    It would probably be best not to ask for your sister's help...I don't know if you should buy 8 Bambino's or buy more of some other diaper

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    I agree with Pojo. You probably should not ask your sister for help.

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    Yea, I thought about it and decided not to ask my sister, anyways, I was just brainstormin'

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    I ve found the best way is to just plan your orders when i used to live at home with my family, i always ordered with a company that would provide next day delivery so i can plan a day when i was home alone, you might also want to look out for nosey neigbours, so maybe look at getting from a company that packs their products in plain packaging or discreet packkaging, alot of companys are also ABDL friendly and will only be too happy to answer any questions.

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    Buy secure X-plus instead of Bambino... same diaper... lower price. Or if you are just ordering a few... check they have all sorts of products from all the major manufacturers available by the bag at discount prices.

    If you want a good thick babyish diaper try the Abri-form X-plus. It's a favorite of AB/DLs worldwide.

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    i wouldn't involve my sister, and i'd defiantly get some bambinos! i cant wait till i can move out im going to order those first.

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    Well, I live in the middle of no where, No neighbors for 2 miles so I'm good with the neighbors thing.

    Which is better Abena Abr-form or secure x pluses?
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    abriforms are, according to a fair few of my tb friends, the better diaper.
    bambinos are pretty exspensive and though good, if it's your first time you would be better buying a few more of a lesser type.
    but thats just my belief....

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    I've never tried any of the brands listed above, but all I know is that for now it's best you go for quantity instead of quality, being a poor home-dwelling infantilist (not meant negative) :P. Leave the bambinos for another time, with 2 dollars per diaper, sometimes more, they're the most expensive ones out there! That's just what I think though, be free to pick any kind you want

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