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    I know there are hundreds of threads just like this, and I normally don't post, but the whole experience was just such a rush I need to tell someone :p

    Okay, so yesterday I decided that with my birthday money I would go out and buy some diapers. My father recently had surgery, and he has to come home early every few days. So, I had an hour from the time I got home to get to CVS and buy the diapers. I was so worried for the majority of today, that by the time I got home my knees were literally shaking(a bit over dramatic, I know). So, I had a plan that I would get home, without feeding my cats or getting the mail like I normally do, and bring my backpack with me to the store. I did this so that if my dad was home by the time I got back with the diapers, I could tell him I went to my friends house immediately after school. So, I waited for my friend to reach his house before leaving(I didn't want him questioning why I was going that way, because our two other friends that live down that way are on vacation right now- paranoid, I know), and then I grabbed my bike and rode off as fast as I could to the store. I made it, and as it turned out I forgot my bike lock so i just had to leave it sitting there, outside the store(it didn't get stolen don't worry). So I went and picked out the largest Huggies Little Movers they had(I don't know, I should have gotten Goodnites or something) and then nonchalantly paid for them(oddly enough, paying for them was the easiest part, as I figured it would be. Not sure why people are so nervous about this part). I walked out, my bike wasn't stolen, and I had another thirty minutes before my dad would be getting home.

    So, to sum up everything up, I had a complex plan to get the diapers without being noticed, I was nervous for nothing, buying them was easy, and now I have twenty diapers just in time for summer vacation(even if they are a bit small, stuffing them in my underwear works just fine I suppose!).

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    Hehe, congrats.

    The first time always is by far the scariest time, it gets easier quickly and rarely ever is as bad as you may have imagined it.

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    Well done, I remember I was paranoid on my first time buying! Like R1214 sais, it gets easier the more you do it


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