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    This year i got 97 ski days! How many did you get?

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    Dear God, that's a lot. I got... wait for it... ONE! lol. It's sad but true, even though I'm in Colorado; I was just too busy with school.

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    u lucky dog!! I only was able to get one but as goodnites11 said I was also two busy working 2 jobs and trying to run a business. (that went down the toilet after two months of work) but maybe next year


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    Zero. That will change once I have money for [breathes in] skis, boots, bindings, poles, ski clothing, lift tickets, gas, lodging, and dining. Most of that doubly when we count my fiancee- I can't imagine "Bye honey! I'm hitting the slopes, see you next week!" would go over well. We both have odd enough foot sizes to eliminate the option of renting.

    The other challenge is that having enough equipment is rather binary. We also camp, hike, and kayak, which are all sports amenable to picking up pieces of equipment as the money is available and doing without until. On the other hand, you can't start skiing but put off getting bindings until next year and do without in the meantime.

    The fact I haven't skied in years kills me. When I was growing up, my family went skiing ever single weekend in winter. I even had my mug on a brochure for Doe Mountain (I think it was Doe, anyways) and in a few magazines when I was about 6 years old. It ended rather abruptly when I injured my shoulder working out around age 15. Never got back into the swing of it. My injury is chronic, but it's probably improved by now to a point that I could manage skiing. The few times we went following my injury I spent after skiing thinking my arm would fall off.

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    I got one. But I live in Illinois. Not too many mountains here.

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    Wow that's alot. I used to ski a lot in '90s and early '00s. Last time I ski was in 2001, so it been a decade! For some reason, my mom and I got busier and eventually forget about skiing, I guess. I miss it though. Anyway in the past, I used to have about 10-15 ski days per season.

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    Twice for me. I love it, but it can be a hassle (waiting in line for lift tickets, waiting to rent equipment, mobs of people...) and, as NightFox keenly noted, quite expensive.

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    Last year I went about 20 times. Haha this year I got 1 in, I'm trying to save my money.

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    I've been wanting get back on the slopes for years but I haven't been skiing since I moved to Tennessee....and sadly the nearest mountain is about 4+ hours away from Nashville (Indiana, I think). Oh how I miss it so...especially downhill and slalom racing.

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