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Thread: Drunk driving and school lessons

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    Default Drunk driving and school lessons

    Well every year in school we have a lesson on drunk driving. While searching through songs on youtube i found this YouTube - Simple Plan - Untitled (Official Video) and it got me thinking the school systems realy should be showing us videos of stuff like this. The stats of how many people die is fine and all but MOST teens dont listen to stats, seeing the effects and watching videos will teach them more.

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    Youīre right, nobody really cares about stats, but videos and stuff like this wouldnīt change that much more.
    The sad fact is: People learn, when itīs too late (or never). At least thatīs what I see everyday.

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    Videos will help wont they? If people can see the consequences of the fatal mistake they would think twice, or some of them would.

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    I am not sure if the pictures help or not. In my day it was " SIGNAL 30 ", " Highway of AGONY ", and " Death on the Highway ". They were only good for de-sensitizing one's self of blood and gore. Sort of like the " Faces of Death " series of films. These films were a far cry from the " Duck and Cover " grade school films, but the nuke-films scared me much more than the Driver's Ed. films ever did.

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    Well cavemans, have you seen movies like "bowling for Columbine"? Did it make Americans throw away tons of weapons?...sadly not. As you said it: some people would think about it, but really only a few.

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    never seen those movies. Still it bugs me that if stats and videos and images wont work, then innocent people will suffer.

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    Thatīs the point, but at least you can try to think and (which is more important) to understand... So:
    Donīt drink and drive!

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    If this was a venn diagram, the circle that corresponds to "would be willing to drink and drive" would likely have quite a bit of overlap with "people who don't pay attention to drunk driving videos".

    That's probably where the biggest problem is. The sort of people who wouldn't drink and drive are the ones that are going to watch these videos and say "yeah, another good reason to never do that". You also need to remember that alcohol lowers your inhibition and a lot of people will drive because they're so drunk that they don't realise they're drunk, so they don't think any of this applies to them.

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    The drinking and driving thing should be a given, just don't do it. Don't drink and drive, ever. What worries me far more than the possibility of encountering a drunk-driver, or a drugged-driver, is being around someone who is playing with their tech-toys while driving. Every day I see people who are preoccupied with their mobile phones while driving. They are talking, texting, down-loading maps, playing their 'i-tunes' while wearing their 'ear-buds', all while driving 60 + mph on the high-way. When driving a vehicle, your undivided attention should be on your driving and on what is going on in the traffic around you. The drinking and driving issue should be mentioned in Driver's Ed. classes, but I think there should be more emphasis placed on the dangers of being distracted by operating any gadgetry while driving. I have no statistical data to support this, but I believe there are far more deaths caused by distracted drivers than are caused by drunk drivers. By the way, I do not mean to imply that this is only a problem with teen drivers. In fact, it has been my observation that far more middle-aged adults are guilty of inattentive driving than are the younger drivers.
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    When teens do decide to drive drunk- its not a factor of knowing facts or seeing videos...WE KNOW THE RISK. Its a simple matter of us thinking were untouchable. That and the fact that most people would be shocked how many teens have driven under the influence and nothing has happened. It all boils down, Okay, I know people who drive drunk all the time and nothing happens, they get home safely, no problem, or facing the wrath of parents who will make face the consequinces.

    The amount of kids who get drunk in my immediate area on any given weekend is several hundred, id estimate. Lets just say for arguments sake that, oh 20 decide to drive home drunk, the real number is in reality most likely MUCH higher.

    We havent had a single crash from drinking in ages up here, and when kids see real life stuff such as the above situations vs some plan boring facts against a whitewash or some video about how kids drive drunk, and your going to die blah blah blah, it doesnt seem realistic therefore we really dont care.

    "But what if you are the one that dies???"
    Well...Then we wont have to worry about it.
    That logic does NOT work on a teenager.

    I am a teenager myself if anyone is wondering.

    oh fifigal, they do mention it ALOT in drivers ed, but then again its boring facts that seem too far away from us. And i completely agree about the dangers of gadgetry white driving.

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