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Thread: The Newest Goodnites!

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    Default The Newest Goodnites!

    Has anyone tried the newest Goodnites yet?
    As far as I can tell, they look exactly like last years version.
    I think they might be even more comfortable, with even better side panels.
    Can you tell the difference, both in looks and in comfort?

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    But no, I have not. But I'm just as curious myself. I can't even seem to find them in the stores.

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    Yes, like that, but I have the L/XL version
    Wal-Mart has them.

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    wait are these the ones that have been out for a few months or is this recent like really new?

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    I have not seen the girls version yet. I assume they are using up old stock.

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    Pulluplover, you may have a point there. Goodnites might just changed the packaging design.

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