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    Depression and Other Things

    I wish I could tell you of a simple cure, a magical concoction that you can drink and all your problems will just fade away. I wish I could. But there is no simple cure for depression. Even clinical depression is difficult to combat. This post is going to focus mainly on my battle with depression, and what I did to try to get myself out of it.

    The beginning of my depression started after I was mauled by my dog when I was ten. It, in the simplest terms, taught me that life really isnít fair, and that it can be cruel, even when you have done nothing that you see is wrong. The nicest person in the world can get struck by lightning. Thatís the sad truth behind it. Now this all seems so morbid, but you canít let it rule your life, but let me get back on track.

    Over the years, the scars left by the dog attack and the grim outlook I developed on life set me apart from the rest of my age group. And as many people know, the nail that sticks out gets hammered. That is exactly what happened. I was ridiculed at school; people would just make up lies about me and spread them. I learned how to make retorts as fast as possible. Due to this I developed an emotional shell. I isolated myself in some form of self-fulfilling prophecy. I isolated myself so no one could hurt me.

    I followed a road that led down to many suicidal thoughts, and one suicide attempt. I remained isolated the entire time. I donít suggest going down that path. It was something that has forever left memories that can never be forgotten, emotional stains that will never come out.

    I finally got out of this hole of depression though the help of some great friends and people. This may not work for everyone, but I think all I needed in life was someone who would talk to me and listen to my problems. These websites like ADISC help so many people with so many problems its mind blowing. Thanks to communities like this TBís, DLís, ABís, LBíS, LGíS, BFís, and everyone else has a place to just relax from whatever is going on in their life. Itís like the eye of a hurricane, a cyber-safe haven, a virtual shelter of tolerance and helping.

    If you got your heart broken, just know that what you had with that person wasnít right for you or him. Love is especially a tricky thing. I have been though few relationships in my life, but the first true relationship I had caused me the most pain and depression I have ever been though. He would tell me he loves me, and then ignore me for months on end. This went on for about two years. When I was with him I felt like I was in heaven, but when he ignored me I felt like my heart was rotting inside my chest. That was probably the best example of an unhealthy relationship anyone could give. I only recently got over him, and I feel ready to look for new love. If you are getting over a bad relationship, or are in the middle of one, you must understand that there are so many people out there who will love you for who you are, and will not spite you for their own enjoyment.

    If you are having problems accepting yourself, then you must know that your friends and loved ones accept you for whom you are, and that youíre beautiful the way you are. Self-hate is something that a lot of us, especially Teen Babies, Adult Babies, Diaper Lovers, Little Boys, Little Girls/Sissies, and Baby Furs go through. There is no set answer on how to accept yourself, just like there is no simple cure for depression. The only advice I can give is that you canít let the self-hate consume you. If you hold out long enough, you might just find out that who you are, isnít so far from who youíve always wanted to be.

    If you are having trouble with things going on in your life then know this. It gets better. Lives have their ups and downs, and when you are in a down, just know that another up is coming up eventually. I know that when life feels like itís burying you beneath, you feel helpless, but it gets better. You just have to buckle down and hope that it all blows over quickly. Your friends might also be able to pull you up from the depths of despair. When it all blows over, you might look back and stifle a chuckle, but until then, hold on.

    If you feel stressed out all the time you need to find an outlet to release the pent up stress. Going for a good walk sometimes makes me feel better. You can also find a hobby like collecting or playing a game. I personally chose writing. Writing stories and poetry helps me relieve stress when I feel overwhelmed. Another thing that helps is to not let the little things bother you. When you let every little thing bother you, you get angry very easily. You might snap at someone you care for because someone cut you off in traffic. You donít want that.

    Iíve found that getting the little things to stop bothering you is rather difficult with some, and as simple as can be with others. It took years to get the little things to stop bothering me. You really just have to ignore them, and hope they donít continue. I still am sometimes affected by the little things. I get angry and lose my temper. Just a few weeks ago I got so angry at a game that I threw a knife at my television. Yeah, looking back, that wasnít the best idea.

    The last thing I want to say is that, to anyone who is depressed or feeling overwhelmed or down. Just leave me a visitor message, or send me a private message. I am always happy to help people.
    Thank you for reading this, I hope it helps anyone who needs it.

    -Shadowhawk (Ben)

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    Just a quick addition. Never tell anyone in your school you are or even were suicidal. I put it into an essay and he nearly rang the bell to my parents.

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    Brilliant work Ben. My advice for that is tell people that you trust and KNOW would support you and just break it down layer by layer.

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    "If you are having trouble with things going on in your life then know this. It gets better. Lives have their ups and downs, and when you are in a down, just know that another up is coming up eventually" this can't be more true! The only way to get out of depression is to use your ability to observe the situation objectively, i mean, you are down but one thing is absolutely sure, it will come Back up! Easy to say but with a little practice you can get this ability. I am a bipolar and know this subject perfectly, I stayed in a psychatic hospital for one whole year, i thought i would never come back to life, i mean i couldn t even go out without panic... But one day you re back! The only thing to do is waiting, life is long enough to change your mood to the best...

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    My mother is starting to think I'm suffering from dysthymia. How can I dissuade her?

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