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Thread: Fantasies do come true!

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    Red face Fantasies do come true!

    Okay, so on Friday I returned from a 12 day meditation course out of town. My fiancee missed me very much while I was gone. I had 3.5 hours of sleep and had been up since 4 am, so I was a wee bit tired after driving 7.5 hours to get home. To make life interesting, my parents where down to visit my sisters and the new baby. So, I got in the door, showered and we left to have diner with my family. Fast forward a few hours, we head some so I can crash. Jo heads out to watch a movie with some friends and I snuggle up with fresh Moicare diaper.

    Next day, fresh diaper, but already just as busy. Jo wanted to get some us time in at some point. We have early mothers day breakfast with the family and then run some errands around town. Afternoon comes and it's time for a change. Our standing agreement is that she finds me cute in a diaper, but doesn't want anything to do with changing if I've peed in them. So I head on up stairs to change. In the middle of changing Jo comes up and says she would finish me up!

    It get's better my friends...

    I comment that these new Tena's feel kinda cool (first time with the plastic backs, I had just ordered some Tena M2's and Molicare SuperPlus's). She comments that she did not care much for trying them on as part of a class she took. I asked if she tried them on over cloths. Of course they did, they were all practicing diapering one another fully clothed. 'Well, that explains why it felt weird. That is like pulling some panties over your pants. That's going to feel weird no matter what'. *pause* She says, 'Well then I should try it without pants on then' *my brain stops dead, but slowly a grin forms*

    So, we got down to business. I diapered her up. Have to say its a bit different being on the other side of diaper. I very much enjoyed it thou. She, initially she was kinda just settling in to the feeling and tracing her hand over her bottom and such. Said it was interesting, but she would take it off. I would have none of that, so I took things to the hot and steamy section *censored*.

    Ultimately she said it was the hottest thing she has ever done, and we WILL be doing it again. I think I've just died and gone to heaven. I am glad I never really forced my DL on her, because I think she would of been more adverse to the whole experience if I had. Just another reason I am lucky to be marrying her!
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    Sounds like you found out your life just got that much more interesting.

    ...[I smell fabreeze]...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Col View Post
    Yup, really. I know the rules :-) No posting made up stories as true; and this one is 100% true my friend.

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    Sorry, but I have to say:
    Very few posts, spelling and grammar errors, using real names in the post, very unlikely situation.
    This seems very strange to me.

    If this is true, awesome!
    I am envious, and I hope you end up very happy with your wife-to-be.

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    Shoot, thought I got all the spelling and grammer errors. Jo is an alias for my fiance (had to call her something and fiance over and over seemed boring). I'll read it over again and find those spelling and grammer mistakes... sorry to... err... arouse suspicion with them?

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    Oh, cool then.

    Sorry to jump on you like that, I am a pretty cynical person, to say the least. Hehe...
    I am totally jellin'!
    I wish you the best of luck with your marriage, and all that good stuff.

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    And fixed sir. Ended up running it through a spelling and grammar checker that is better than just my eyes :-)
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