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Thread: Diapers and air travel

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    Default Diapers and air travel

    In a months time I am flying to Europe from England. Only in the last few days the implications for diaper wearing have started to worry me.

    If you have any advice on any of these points I would really appreciate this.

    If it helps I wear generic brand shaped pads (Euron flex) under Tena stretch pants during the day which I generally change 3/4 times in a day. At night or when asleep I wear all in one adult pads (pro form all in one pads).

    Questions ....

    Can I pack nappy supplies for the week in my suitcase? I'm guessing that as they are not a banned item they should not be questioned when the suit case is X-rayed?

    Should I take off my pad etc etc just before going through the x-ray scanner and then find a loo and put one after?

    I carry around a small diaper bag with pads, wipes, bags etc in my rucksack which I intended to have in my hand luggage - will this be ok?

    I would really appreciate any advice / prior experience you may have had!


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    I haven't had the need to wear on air travel, but, I assume as mothers will carry nappies for their children there is no reason you can't bring them yourself in your luggage or hand luggage.

    The pad itself won't set off an x-ray scanner, and if it shows on a whole body scan or pad down, security will only be briefed that it is a medical reason - they won't question it. So no need to change unless necessary!

    Hopefully someone else will comment who has been through the experience - I think there might be some topics a while back discussing this, so you might want to see if there's some advice there :-)

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    I'm not from Europe but I think that airports would have to accommodate incontinent people frequently enough that there shouldn't be any big issues. The only reason I think they might be suspicious is if they expected you were smuggling something such as cocaine in it.

    If I were in your situation I wouldn't want to risk having wet pants just to go through a safety check.

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    There should be no problem in doing that. I also think that airports in europe don't scan the person with xray, they just go through a metal detector. I could be wrong tho...

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    I live in the US and have travel by air wearing a diaper. I haven't has anyone question me about what I have in my carry on. I put my supplies and diapers in my checked bag and have had no issues with that either.

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    I've enjoyed wearing diapers on airplanes - never had any real diaper-related problems although I did forget to remove some metal once and had to be screened in an 'enhanced' manner which was nerve wracking.

    I'd be more concerned however if I were incontinent and traveling on a trans-atlantic flight; those bathrooms are hard to deal with. But I do know that sometimes on larger airplanes they do have handicapped stalls that are a bit bigger. I'd suggest making 2-3 'kits' in your carryon that contain whatever wipes/diaper you need for one change. That way you don't need to haul the whole bag back to the bathroom and - just grab a kit and go. ALso - you should think about wearing some plastic pants or something to help reduce odor...for the sake of your fellow passengers - maybe even think about using a little odor absorbing powder as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Incontinent17 View Post
    In a months time I am flying to Europe from England.
    Last time I checked, England was in Europe

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    Related but doesn't answer your question:
    I remember when I was nine, I was going on the longest string of airplane rides I ever had in my life (only matched by the trip back). The first plane was one hour long. The second plane was about seven hours long. Then just before we got on the eight hour long third flight, I finally had to go to the bathroom. I've always had a thing against public restrooms, and the following experience only reinforced it (WARNING: gross):

    I started to pee, but only then realized that I had been sitting down with my pants tightly-pressed up against my body for so long that my you-know what all mangled up and wrinkly. So I peed everywhere. And I couldn't stop it for a good, frustrating four seconds until I straightened it out. It was all over the bowl, and the floor, and my clothes.

    I then spent the previously mentioned eight hour third flight, only near the end did it finally adequately dry off. Then there was a one hour fourth flight, but whatever.

    So yeah, other than the one single, solitary night I wet the bed, it was the only accident like this I've ever had ever. And the number 1 time in my life that would have undoubtably been happier if I were wearing a diaper and using it freely.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peachy View Post
    Last time I checked, England was in Europe
    Yeah I was wondering about that... I thought of mentioning it, but I feared I just didn't understand the difference and would be considered a stupid American. XS

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peachy View Post
    Last time I checked, England was in Europe
    Ha - many thanks for pointing that out, although we still don't use the Euro yet!!

    Thanks to everyone who replied, I really have appreciated the comments!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Incontinent17 View Post
    Ha - many thanks for pointing that out, although we still don't use the Euro yet!!

    Thanks to everyone who replied, I really have appreciated the comments!

    I'm a stupid American and thought the uk was an island...sure it has a damn tunnel to it now...and therefore not part of the europe as a whole....sorta like the Bahamas and such...


    God save the queen! Well at least the pound!


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