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Thread: Concerned over Scent - Best baby powder?

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    Default Concerned over Scent - Best baby powder?

    Obviously most of us would rather use scented baby powder but wearing it in public might not be so hot. Do you guys know any alternatives such as after shower powder or something. Even unscented baby powder is obnoxious.

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    I use plain old baby powder just go easy and do not use to much

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    I actually use Johnson's baby powder, in fairly small quantities. Although the small is quite familiar as a baby product I do think is quite often used by adults due to it's sensitive nature.

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    I wouldn't worry about it. I have a tendency to overdo the powder, but I can't say that I notice the scent after padding up. I also use baby shampoo on my hair, and baby lotion quite a bit on my skin, and no-one has ever commented. The scents aren't that strong, and as Incontinent17 observed, plenty of adults use baby products, since they're ideal for sensitive skin. If anyone does notice it, their first thought is most unlikely to be that you're wearing a nappy.

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    I'm pretty sure baby powder is all the same minus any fragrance that's added. So go with the cheapest.

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    I am using Johnson's baby pure cornstarch powder with aloe & vitamin E that gently absorbs moisture. It's really help me to relax to sleep and to work. Aloe can help to keep in cool on your areas and to keep your skin healthy.

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    I start every day after my shower with Johnson's baby lotion. It has a wonderful smell. I could care less if I smell like it, and after my shower I'm headed off to school to work. I don't think it's noticeable at all. Baby powder is much stronger, and the smell quickly dissipates.

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    After years of normal "talc" powder, I found it is harder on plastic pants.
    Cornstarch powders, feel the same (IMHO) and smell the same. No hardening of the pants.

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    use Johnson baby powder. In my opinion, you can use just enough, and not go around smelling like a two year old in a fresh diaper. Just make sure to cover everything in a nice veil before going out. And if you're still worried about the smell, just use a light secnted body spray or something.

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    I use Johnsons corn starch baby powder a lot of the time.

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