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Thread: I am not sure about...

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    Default I am not sure about...

    When I get my first diapers, [which will be soon] how often should I wear them?

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    That's completely up to you...They will be your diapers, and you can do whatever you want with them

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    As often as you want!

    A better answer requires more details. Do you have any limiting factors? Can you only dispose of a few per week? Do you share your bedroom with anyone? Can you only purchase a pack every few days or months? If you can purchase only one pack per month, wearing them 24/7 until you run out would not be a good idea.

    Good luck with your diaper purchase!
    Have fun and stay padded!

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    It all depends on how long you want it to be before you buy more. If you want to avoid becoming dependent on diapers for every tense situation, I suggest that you exercise strict self-control over yourself.

    My current schedule is one diaper per week. That scales to doubling up on a weekend, then waiting a week and a half, and wearing during mid-week, then waiting another week and a half. It sounds limiting, but it's turned out to be "enough" for me and if this is your first package of diapers you'll probably find that once a week is fine.

    When I bought my first pack I would take one diaper a week and wear it for an hour or two each night for a few days a week, then wet it until it leaked (which wasn't very long) on the weekend. That didn't work out very well because they were plastic-backed and thus the tapes could only refasten so many times.

    Do what's best for you, but don't hoard them. You'll find yourself helplessly addicted it will be hard to stop if you try to wear 24/7, and you'll burn through probably 2 or 3 packages within the space of 2 weeks, after which you'll swear you'll never want to wear diapers again. This is called the binge-purge cycle and the effects can be limited if you are careful to space out your diaper-wearing days so that it's something you look forward to, rather than using way more than you can afford and then swearing off of them.

    I'd post more but it's 3:30am and I'd best be getting to bed.


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    how often you wear them is up to you.
    if you don't really need them you wouldn't need to wear them as often, unless you wanted too.
    but if you use them once a week or every day or what ever is your call.

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    Whenever you want dude! If you don't have any limiting factors like money (to a certain extent), nosy parents, transportation, then wear to your hearts desire!

    Recently I've been on hyper diaper mode, I have nosy cousins coming over in roughly 20 days and I have a TON of diapers to dispose of.

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    You can wear them as often as you like... so long as you don't get caught. I suggest starting out at home... wear them to bed... or when noone is around... then as you get more comfortable you can wear them other places.

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    They're all yours to do anything with. If you don't want others finding out, you'll have to limit yourself to certain times of the day (late at night, or early in the morning). You can of course wear them when no one is around, or when you know they're watching television or something. Think of stuff on your own

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    as long as you take care of your skin you could wear them 24/7(as longs as you lay low and hide all evidence). for me tho i wear them evry once in a while.

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