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Thread: Your ideal diaper day.

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    Default Your ideal diaper day.

    Alright I'm gonna have a baby day soon and I'm trying to get ideas. So post what your ideal baby day is.

    For me wearing diapers and cuddling with mommy and being treated like a baby and watching some Pixar movie and eating baby food then going to a toy store and what not. But some of you might be much more imaginative.

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    I think you just described my ideal baby day too :p haha

    Good job, you saved me the trouble of having to write it out!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Taihaku View Post
    Eating baby food? I didn't know people actually did that. o.o;
    Ahh, must have overlooked that in the original post. I'm not down with baby food. it's cold mush...


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    When I'm in the mood and have time to enjoy it. Those are the two factors that make it ideal for me. That and having the supplies, that's usually not a problem though...

    Sucks when you have the perfect time, but no motivation. Or vise versa, that sucks too...

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    Starting my day fully diapered and clothed in my pink footed sleeper/baby dress,
    I go out to my living room and warm a nice bottle of milk, then relax and coo and giggle as a happy baby while watching Winnie the Pooh, drinking my baba contently.

    Thats just my morning. In fact, that was THIS morning ^w^

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    Wake up thickly padded with a super dominant leather harness and go to the bar at like 9 in the morning and demand some damn respect! But in all srsns, I'd wake up, turn on my computer, and veg out for the next few hours, demand someone make me lunch then get up and make it myself, back to computer, demand dinner then go out to eat, then continue like before. Oh wait. That's what I do every day.

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    Hmmm... I'd be awoken with a gentle back-rub by my "momma". I'd be in my footie pajamas, wearing a soaked disposable. After a changing, I'd be dressed in denim overalls and spend the entire day playing with blocks and watching cartoons, while snow fell outside the big picture window. Then, cheesy pizza for dinner. Ahhhhh...

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    All paded up with a 2 litre bottle of energy drink or caffine or water and go for a long walk on a urban bike track in winter

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