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Thread: Baby powder

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    Default Baby powder

    Which brand is your favorite? I'm going to go get some tomorrow for the first time, and I just want to know people's opinions.

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    There is more than one?
    I just looooovveeee the classic Johnsons. It's a heavenly smell and puts me right into that little place.

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    Johnson's for me, wonderful smell and works perfectly. You can usually get a better deal if you go to the pharmacy section of the big stores instead of the baby section, can get a bigger one for a better price.

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    Its Johnsons for me everytime. I wonder if the fragrance could be bought elsewhere? Anybody know if this is availalble?

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    johnson... I had to wear it once due to butt rash (non diaper related rash) from walking thru disney from morning to 1Am (magic hours that day).

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    Johnsons, i cant say ive used baby powder, but it does smell soo good

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