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    So as I am gearing up to make a purchase of diapers for the first time really, I need a little advice in the brand and size.

    First things first its important that I am clear that I am a 5'10'', 115 Ibs, 30-32 in. waist line.

    I am finding that a lot of adult diapers smallest sizes start at 34'' and I am a 30-32'' so where does that land me. I know that goodnites XL seem to be a alright size comparision for me but I have been told they are not a worth diaper for me to be wearing.

    I will be buying the diapers at either walgreens, CVS, or Harris what brand and size should I shoot for here. Do I go to childrens diapers and get the largest size or go to adult diapers and get the smallest size?

    So lost, appreciate any help!

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    i have a slightly smaller waist size, and it shouldn't be too hard to just tape them up past where it usually goes.
    goodnites are good for the mental aspect of it, but if you want practicality, then you'd better go with the adult sizes.

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    I have the same waist size and smalls fit me perfectly fine.

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    Either way will work. Might as well enjoy Goodnites while they will still fit reasonably well.

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    I heard adult diapers soak up more but it depends on how far you'd go before changing(:

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    Well if you could perhaps order diapers online, I'd suggest Tranquility.
    NorthShore Care Supply: Tranquility ATN Overnight Fitted Briefs

    32" happens to be my waistline as well. I tried the small and they just BARELY fit, so I'm getting medium really soon and hopefully they will be much better.

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    If you're buying from Walgreens, etc, I would definitely go with the GoodNites, they're aesthetically brilliant, and they probably have the same absorbency as many store brands. But as far as sizing issues, we're in the same boat, my waist is about the same as yours. I unfortunately am not in the position to buy my own at this time, but I've tried depends before, and even the small size was really too relaxed and too high on my hips. By contrast, while I haven't had access to the largest baby sizes (darn early potty trainers) usually the best I can get is a sort of bikini-cut fit, and then I usually have to use at least one pair of stretchy tapes from another diaper. A major issue I've found is that practically all diapers I get have only one, barely inch long (if that) velcro tab. Fit wise, even if the diapers themselves are pretty large, it just doesn't cut it. However, I recently came across a Pull-Up with refastenableness and like 3 inch long tabs. That was pretty fantastic.

    tldr, go for the GoodNites. They aren't perfect, but they will probably give you the best fit, they look very good and absorbency will be just as good as most if not all of the other stuff there.

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