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Thread: Summer= Worst Time To Get Diapers.

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    Default Summer= Worst Time To Get Diapers.

    I was off from work, and I had two hours to wait around for my bro, who works in the same place. We drive together to save gas, so I walked around town while I waited. I decided to go to the local CVS to get some diapers. After walking several miles in the blistering heat, I discovered that the CVS, the local supermarket, and the RiteAid were all packed, and loads of teenage employees, some of whom I go to school with, were working there. So I chickened out.

    I love the summer, but it's terrible for TB/DL purchases.

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    they can also get very uncomfortable and sweaty in the heat and humidity, but that's only if you wear outside the house. maybe you should consider making purchases online and request pick up for package at the nearest store location (post office, ups, fedex, or whatever is used for shipping.)

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    I am going to do that after my next paycheck, it makes it really easy.

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    That's why it's better to go farther than you would for normal shopping and/or buy at night

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pojo View Post
    That's why it's better to go farther than you would for normal shopping and/or buy at night
    Heh, I've done both of those. Only the distance one worked (mainly because I was on the other side of the country when I bought my first few packs :P). The most awkward situation I've ever had buying diapers though came at night. It was like the first few days I got back home from college for xmas break and I decided that I wanted some diapers. So at around 10ish or so (I think, can't really remember) I decided to head out to a nearby pharmacy that's open 24 hours. On my way to the diaper aisle I ran across an employee stocking some boxes who looked somewhat familiar for some reason, but I couldn't really put my finger on it and I didn't want to stop and stare to get a good look. That should have been when I walked out. But I didn't. I went ahead, got a pack of depends after stalling around for a bit, went up to the register. Some dumb woman managed to get up to the counter before me and was taking forever finding her cash. As luck would have it when I finally got to the register and put the diapers up on the counter that stock boy walked up behind the counter to grab some stuff. And that was when I realized that he was a guy I knew from one of my classes from back in high school. And he still went there. Same school as my sister. He looked at me for awhile and I thought I might get lucky for a second until he said "oh hey, what's up man, long time no see". I'm not entirely sure if he saw what I was buying (would have been pretty hard to miss though) and from what I know nothing ever came of it (key phrase there is "from what I know" which is not much) but I didn't ever set foot in that place for at least a year and I still try to avoid going in even two and a half years later.

    Anyway, I've found that shopping online is the best way to go about things. Well, aside from buying all your stuff when you're vacationing 3000 miles away but for some reason I doubt that would help most people.

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    Ugh, a pet peeve of mine is wearing diapers in the heat. Sweaty and hot, not to mention it irritates my skin something badly (to the point of bringing back my eczema).

    As for meeting people in the store... that's the kind of thing you have to expect when school's out.

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    You just have to remember in those kind of situations the last possible explanation in their mind is that the diapers are for YOU. Worse comes to worse you hear about it at school and someone confronts you about it. You tell them they were for your sick grandma, and they feel like assholes for a week.

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    I love wearing plastic diapers in the heat, I don't know why but I have always enjoyed getting hot and sweaty, I wear a diaper under my wetsuit when I walk in the winter, there is no way to get the suit off or no way to relieve yourself so diapers are perfect.

    The wetsuit als blocks all of the wind and gives you a good sweaty workout in the middel of winter, I never tried it in the summer, but theres always a first time.

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    A wetsuit for...walking? Huh? I was under the impression you wear wetsuits for surfing.

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