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Thread: Radio station wants ab/dl...

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    Default Radio station wants ab/dl...

    There is a local radio station in my area, the rock 106.9 wccc. They posted something about want to interview an ab/dl and want to know more any it and such. Quite frankly I'm appaled though because all they set out to do is make fun of them. I was thinking about anonymously emailing them, I wouldn't go on the show but rather just explain stuff through the email and hope they explain it a bit. If anyone is interested I would sayto look it up on google and email them. Sorry if this is the wrong section btw.

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    I think that you are most likely right that they are looking to make fun of someone, but there is also a small chance they are just interested. If you can keep it anonymous then I would say go for it and even if they are trying to make fun of you just do your best to educate to what you can. Choose your words wisely and pre-meditate what you are going to say, its all about making sure to represent in a manner that will make people thinks at least "Well thats weird but worse has been done".

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    tread carefully.
    there's not a lot of good to be said from the media to or about abdl's...

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    Another important thing to add if you know is how did that come about being asked for? Were they making fun of different lifestyles or having a serious conversation about unconventional lifestyles. All things that really determine the seriousness of their query.

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    It's a risky situation but if you phone in as a anonymous no one will ever know who you are.. Just be sure that you aren't afraid that the talk show hosts might poke jokes at you here and there.

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    If you write anonymously then you'll have a bit of protection (no pun intended) - I'd find out the angle they're trying to take on it, and if it seems like they won't take the piss, go for it! Of course, if they are taking the piss, just answer so ambiguously they won't have anything to go by!

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    If I was out closer I would probably call in. I'm pretty confident I could do us proud and make it not very funny for them. DOuble win.

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    I don't know.. when was the last time you've heard a serious discussion about anything sex-related on the radio? Seems they only wanna make fun. And if they would be really interested, doing some daytime radio show about it isn't the best way to find out anyway. Probably best to just ignore it. If you mail them, they can just pick and choose from what you write and make fun about that or the fact you were too scared to come on live or something. They'll always find an angle.

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    Yep just remember that anything you say can and will be used against you!

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    Not every radio personality is as cruel as Howard Stern, but I'd still be cautious. An anonymous email is probably your best choice.

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