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    who is ur fav character out of family guy

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    None anymore. Family Guy is pretty damn silly now as a how.. then again it pretty much always was, I'd like to see seth set family guy up as a rival to south part. Since it's funny and has vaild social commentary, in most episodes now.

    But alas it's easier to write random jokes and plug them into a unrelatable episode.

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    Yeah South Part is a good show. They've kind of been suffering a "repeating the same joke four times in an episode" in the last few seasons, but it's only a minor annoyance, and they could get out of it before too long.

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    In my opinion Family guy went way down hill. It lost a lot of the subtle(ish) commentary and went all out into "cause random stuff is funny" mode.

    Random stuff _is_ funny in short bursts .. playing an entire Conway Twitty song in the middle of an episode was great. I actually forgot I was watching family guy and went to turn off the TV before catching myself. That said, one random thing after another in direct series for half an hour loses it's humor.

    And the characters all morphed. Someone made a really good "then and now" photo describing this.. but I can't seem to find it.

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    Yeah, I stopped watching it, at some point I realised I hadn't laughed in like 10 episodes and that there was so much better stuff that had came out since, so I never looked back. Too bad, it was my favorite show at some point.

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    I really like Family Guy, though it has let me down a lot. I think of it as hit and miss, sometimes I laugh like mad and other times it's embarrassing to watch.

    I find it odd that it's popular on this side of the pond, given that it references American popular culture so much as to make a lot of the jokes get lost on us. Maybe that's why I like it though, it's really absurd to watch a show sending-up celebrities I've never heard of, adverts I've never seen...

    The lasted season starts tonight, and I'm looking forward to it...

    Favourite character? Not sure I really have one. The funniest stories tend to be the Brian/Stewie ones.

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