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    I'll start this out by letting you know just a little about me. I'm an AB and love wearing diapers. Wearing diapers at work always seemed like a bad idea, but I'm starting to warm up to it. Bedwetting has always fascinated me and I'd really like to become on. Unfortunately, it's been on a rare occasion that I've actually wet the bed and not remembering. Next, I'm trying to eat healthier and lose a little weight - I've been in large diapers far too long. Finally, because I'm an AB all the time at home, I tend to procrastinate when it comes to doing things like cleaning, bills, etc. I'd much rather be doing things like, like playing games and watching TV. Unfortunately, I live alone, so I need to do some adult things, even though I don't want to.

    In an effort to address each of the points above, I've devised a daily list that encompasses each of those items. This takes he form of a calendar. Each day I accomplish something from the list, I earn a star sticker that I get to put on a monthly calendar. At most I can earn five stars a day - one from each of the following:
    • Wearing diapers all day (which is usually only on weekends)
    • Wetting the bed at night (for reasons stated above)
    • Eating healthy all day
    • Doing all my daily chores (like bills, dishes, exercising)
    • Completing a milestone (lose x amount of weight) or finishing something on my To Do list (shampoo the carpets, clean out garage etc.)

    Each star I earn gets put on my calendar, which is on my fridge. I wanted something visual that I could quickly check my progress on. I find that I get really happy when I put stickers on it. Also, the calendar, stickers, and chores help reinforce that I really am just a big kid. If you're wondering, I have five different colored stars. So i know exactly what I did and did not do each day.

    I've been doing this for a few weeks now with mixed results. I normally get between one and three stars a day. I'm eating better, doing more chores, exercising, cleaning when I should, but I don't think I'm doing enough. At a minimum, I want to get two stars a day. Looking at my list, two stars should be easy - eating healthy and doing chores should be a snap. The problem is, sometimes I get lazy and not even stars are enough to motivate me.

    That's where I'm looking for some help. I want to maintain two stars a day. So I thought the best way to increase the stars I get each day is by giving myself rewards at the end of each month.

    For example, there are 31 days in May. My goal is to get 62 stars for May. That's the break even point and I shouldn't get anything for doing the minimum. If I averaged three stars a day, I'd reward myself with something like buying a new onsie or footed sleeper. Four stars a day, or 124 for May, would result in something even better.

    In the same vein as rewards, if I fall below two stars a day for the month, there should be some repercussions. If I fall below one star a month, there should be even worse consequences. The consequences and rewards should give me something to look forward to (or not look forward to) and help keep me motivated.

    I've thought of a couple ideas for rewards, but they're things I'll probably do or get anyway. On the other side of things, I'm at a total loss when it comes to the consequences of not getting two stars a day. At the very least, I should be eating healthy and doing my chores every day, which would cover two stars.

    I'm interested to hear if anyone has any suggestions to what I've described, or suggestions on different rewards / consequences.

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    Sounds like a really good way to keep motivation levels up! Of course, as you're the one giving out the rewards/punishments, you need to be motivated enough to enforce them... but I'm sure you've thought of that!

    You don't mention if you have a job, so I can't make assumptions on your finance level - but I would suggest for rewards, maybe get some "designer" nappies/pacifiers/bottles/baby food? I'd suggest anything over $20 per item should be a much bigger reward (maybe for a few months of breaking even, or a month of 4+ stars a day?

    As for the stars, I'd suggest you have wetting the bed as a bonus point - otherwise, it's unlikely you'd get the start every day! Plus... as you love the AB lifestyle, is wearing all day a good star point? Surely that's simple to do as you live alone?

    In my opinion, wearing should maybe be a reward, rather than a way to get star? Like if you are able to motivate yourself to do the work, you get to wear a nappy the next day etc.?

    As for punishments, I guess something like toilet training? So if you don't get 2 stars in a day, you have to use the toilet like an adult the next day? Or you don't get to play with your toys etc.?

    It depends whether you view AB as a reward, or as a daily thing - it just seems to me like the AB is the reason for the chart in the first place?

    Hope my rambling helps!

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    Thanks for the post. Yeah, I'm giving out the rewards and punishments. to answer a couple questions, I work in an office, so diapers during the day aren't too much of a problem. I rarely wear to work, but I'd really like to. I'm just very nervous about it. From a finance perspective, I can afford to keep myself diapers 24/7 and purchase things as I like.

    From a reward perspective, I was thinking of a couple levels. Like maintaining 2 stars a day for the month gets me nothing. 2.5 stars a day (average) gets me some new toys, or like you said, some "designer" AB stuff. But inexpensive stuff. I really like Legos. I've had my eye on the big Lego Death Star for a little while. But for a reward that big, Maybe I need like 3.5 stars day. I'm still trying to figure it out.

    From a punishment perspective, if I get less that two stars a day or don't average at least two a day for the month, something should happen. I don't want to do something that would cause me to not wear diapers. The punishment should be something that reinforces the fact that I wear them and promotes wearing them more often. In this way, I'll help get myself back to two stars a day, or more. I know this is a little extreme, but one thought I had was if I got less than two a day for the month, I'd throw out all my undies. I don't like going commando, and I do like wearing diapers, so my choice should be made up after that. But again, I'm still working on the details.

    Yeah, I agree with you on wetting the bed as a bonus star. It's something I'd eventually like to work towards. I do like your idea about not playing with toys if I get less than two stars in a day. I really like playing video games and roaming the internet. So maybe I ground myself from those for a day or until I start getting more stars.

    I view the AB lifestyle as a daily thing - not a reward. The chart is a way to visually reinforce the things I want to be doing and show how well I'm doing those things. And to make sure I get the stuff done I should get done around the house.

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    Thanks for the new perspective - I guess if you are thinking of wearing diapers as equivalent to doing a chore, gaining the stars will reinforce that you're a diaper wearer - somewhat similar to a child getting stars for toilet training? (Just in your case, you enjoy wearing too :-p)

    Without bringing too much maths in, if you don't treat wetting as a daily star, you then have an average of 2 stars a day. Looking at the list, as only one of those is diaper related, it means you'll have to motivate yourself to do the other tasks too, to ensure you don't fail a month - which is presumably a good thing! It then means you can have 2 levels of reward (3 stars/4 stars avg) and 2 levels of punishment (1 star / 0 stars).

    You mentioned you work at an office - would you be able to wear without anyone really noticing? Just if you punish yourself with removing underwear, you'll need some good excuses if you get caught at work... (though you'll get your wearing diapers star for the whole month!)

    Taking what you've said into account, I propose these rewards/punishments.

    0 stars in a day - before bed, you have to drink at least 20oz of water, and the next day you have to wear 24/7
    1 star in a day - before bed, you have to drink at least 20oz of water
    2 stars in a day - no reward or punishment, that is your minimum target.
    3 stars in a day - bottle before bed
    4 stars in a day - nice warm bath, lots of toys, bedtime story before bed, plus bottle

    So the punishments will encourage wearing, and also, you'll be getting a full bladder overnight, so it might increase your need to wake up and wet (and eventually not wake up).

    These are just little treats and punishments for daily behaviour.

    I guess the next step is then monthly rewards/punishments. I propose :

    Avg < 1 stars a day - 24/7 for a month (lock your undies away, not throw them as it'll cost too much...)
    Avg < 2 stars a day - wear to bed every night, drink at least 2 bottles of water before bed
    Avg > 2.5 stars a day - buy a new colouring book/baby toy/comfort item
    Avg > 3 stars a day - big toy or item of clothing
    Avg 4 stars a day - buy a case of designer diapers for the next month

    However, before you start this properly - just make sure it's what you want to be doing - there are lots of posts on here from actual 24/7 wearers who regret training their body this way. I don't know what your personal life is like, but it's a lot harder to hide this behaviour from a potential partner or your family, than it is to hide casual ABDLism.

    If this is definitely what you want though, I hope my posts have given you some useful insights/ideas!

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