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Thread: Whats your best choice for an online diaper supplier?

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    Default Whats your best choice for an online diaper supplier?


    What online diaper supplier would be you best choice?
    I'm interested to see what other suppliers there are.

    Thanks, Roadkill

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    Amazon... free shipping if you buy $25+ (assuming you buy from Amazon, not someone who's selling on Amazon).

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    Default for Abenas and Dry24/7. for cloth and plastic pants.

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    I've only used ABUniverse. I've had good experiences, although other sites (i.e. Xp medical) seem to provide a more consistently superior level of service. I may try them next time.

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    As I see you are in Canada, would be the best. They sell Bambinos, Abena and ABU Cushies. Ive used them a couple of times and never had any problems with them. They seem to ship fairly fast. (they are based in Montreal so it depends on how far away you are from there)

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    Like Ryger said, is probably the best option in Canada. I know their stock availability is often hit and miss, but believe me, it's cheaper to buy from a local supplier. I learned my lesson from buying internationally when I got a letter from FedEx saying I owe them $15 in Customs Fees. I only bought 28$ dollars worth in merchandise! What a rip!

    If you want to buy from an international supplier in the future, don't buy more than $20 worth of stuff. The government does not tax anything worth less than $20.

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    Quote Originally Posted by babytimfadden View Post
    Bingo! I just used them for my last shipment. It was the first time I used them. I love them for the following reasons (keep in mind I've used Duraline and XP Medical before)

    1.) You can buy through Amazon. If you have Amazon prime, they get to you in 2 business days so you'll know exactly when they will arrive
    2.) They carry Molicare, Abena, and Tranquility. Those are my favorites and Northshore is one of the few companies that stocks all three of them.
    3.) Discreet. Nothing diaper-related on the shipping labels and they don't send you catalogs, postcards, etc. Not even emails beyond the simple order confirmation.

    Seriously. Give these guys business. They rule and their prices are pretty much in line with every other place I've looked.

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