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Thread: Tough diaper-buying decision

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    Default Tough diaper-buying decision

    This is a really tough decision for me, and after thinking about it for a whole morning, I still can't decide, and am coming to the internet for help.

    A month or two ago, I bought these:
    NorthShore Care Supply: Tranquility ATN Briefs - Youth Sizes

    When deciding what size to purchase, I amateurly measured my waistline and found myself to be 32".

    "What luck!" I thought to myself, seeing that that is the exact measurement that allows one to fit in both Small and Medium sizes. I went with Small for being cheaper.

    When I tried one on, I found out that it just barely fit me. As in, if I were an inch fatter, taping it on would be impossible. So it turns out the measurements they provide online are as exact as can be.

    Knowing this, my next purchase from the Tranquility company has put me up to make a very tough decision. I now want their premium OverNight pull-ons:
    NorthShore Care Supply - Home Care Products and Scales
    Small is 22" to 36", which would definitely fit me, and Medium is 34" to 48".

    Ooh... it makes me wonder, will Small be a little tight? Medium will of course be a little loose, but would it be too loose? If I had to choose between tightness and looseness, I'd pick the former. Buuuuut...

    Small absorbs up to 20oz of fluid, while Medium absorbs up to 34oz!

    When I wet my ATN briefs as much as I could in one usage, it DID leak a tiny little bit, and I'm sure would leak more if I wet it more. And they hold 22oz. So if I bought Small pull-ons, I'd definitely get a few leaks. But Medium, if it fit properly enough, could hold more than I'd ever need.

    So my question is, which size should I buy?

    One alternative I have thought-up is to buy Medium ATN briefs, and then buy some booster pads along with them; I'd really like to try the pull-up kinds, but this will definitely fit me and give me ultra-mega absorbency.

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    head to the nearest med supply shop and get a sample of each. Going a size larger can mean more of the wing to have to overlap and tape placement will be affected; how it'll be affected I can't say. Try a small disposable underwear inside a medium taped diaper. Try as many brands as you can get samples of.

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    They're not sold in any stores that are close enough to where I live. I can only buy them online, through Amazon. And Amazon doesn't offer samples. Now you probably see how grating this decision is.

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    Since 2 people have voted for ATN + boosters, I think I'll go with that.

    Maybe I'll gain some weight and try the Pull-ons some other time. XP

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    Amazon is having some kind of glitch, so I'll hold off for a while longer.

    cr5311, you voted for Medium Pull-ons. Why do you think that's the best decision?

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    Alright so this weird Amazon glitch has stopped, and the VAST majority of people voted for option 3, and it DOES seem like the safest way to go, so I'll do it. Thanks.

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