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Thread: greetings from Autria

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    Default greetings from Autria

    Hi English speaking Community

    I'd lime to introduce myself, I am Annie from Austria.

    To all who wonder I choose the Name annie because I named the little child inside my sole anna.

    I am a technician an IT Programmer in my real live.

    In my spare Time i like reading math, and writing storries (most of them in german)

    I am also serching a penfriend in the english or italien Community. So if you like writing, i would be pleased if you will write me an PN.


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    You will have no shortage of offers, of people wanting to correspond. The more you post on the forums the more we know about you and the more easily you'll find someone compatible.

    How well do you know the Italian/Austrian/German online diaper communities? Would you maybe be interested in describing who they are and what they are about?

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    Sure I can speak about the German speking community. We have some greate community websites like wb-community or community, with forums an chats and some storry areas. there are also some events organized by the community but i can't speak about them, because i must confest that i am afraid if meeting other community people personaly.

    I am more interrested in story writing. In the forum i am most time there are about 10 active storry wirters how write on a regulary basis, the others post short storrys or leave the sorrys unfinised.

    At the moment I am not active in the italien community, am learning the language and my language skills are to weak to scan the web for communities but it would be interressting to know somone. So of anyone konws some communities there, I would be thankfull.

    To all how wonder about my female username, I am a men but an part of my sole (Annie) is female, so I usualy have no gender in my profile and a female nic, I hope that is ok.

    Annie and her Dad.

    Ps: Please excuse my gramma mistakes I am some times confused by the different languages, an I am learing some new at the moment, so I sometimes mix them up a litte pit.

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    Hallo Annie! Ich heiß Eeyore und ich wohne aus Groß-Brittanien! Wie gehts?

    Entschuldigung aber mein Deutsche ist nicht zu gut! Willkomen aus ADISC!

    (That is about the level of my GCSE German!) But in all seriousness, welcome to the site - I think a lot of us are looking forward to hearing more about the German community!

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    Hallo eeyore

    Danke für deine herzlichen Wilkommengrüße. Du sprichst eh ganz gut Deutsch. Wo hast du Deutsch gelernt?

    Liebe Grüße aus Österreich Annie

    Hello carkid

    You never heard of Austria. Austria is a small country in europe with 8 million people, we are in the east of swizerlandand we also have a lots of mountains and of course the danube and Viena with the big cathetrale the Stefans Dom

    Nice greetings Annie

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    Anna, ich habe Deutsch gelernt für zwei Jahre im Gymnasium, aber es war vor sechs Jahren. Ich habe die meisten die Sprache vergessen!

    For the benefit of anyone who doesn't poorly speak German like me, or in case I've actually not said what I thought I was - I learnt German for two years in middle school... aged 13-15 - but I've forgotten most of it!

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